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SOLAR-TECH. Outdoor sunshade systems

06 of December '21

The company SOLAR-TECH Sp. z o.o. Sp.K has been dealing with the subject of sun shades and their practical use in architecture for more than 20 years. We offer a unique range of fixed and movable sun blind systems in horizontal, vertical as well as mounted at any angle.


MULTI-GUARDIAN blinds cover windows or entire glass facades, and are mounted in the form of a canopy or other non-standard or irregular shapes. Solar-Tech blinds combine solar control and decorative qualities, providing an excellent finishing touch to building facades.

Lamele wielkogabarytowe, Filtry Kraków

Large-size louvers, Filters Krakow



TECHNICAL blinds play a covering role, hiding any elements that disturb the aesthetics of the building. Blinds work well as a cover for roof equipment, or as a finishing element on the facade. They are used on ventilation openings, fireplaces or transformer stations. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so Solar-Tech's range of technical blinds allows you to choose the right blind for your air circulation requirements.


ACOUSTIC GALLERY, thanks to its construction and Acoustic Insulation of 13 dB, are a good solution wherever air ventilation is needed in addition to noise containment. Mounted on the walls of multi-story garages, they provide noise retention while providing gravity ventilation of the garage hall. Used on the roofs of buildings, they protect neighboring buildings from noise emitted from technical equipment: fans, air conditioning and others.

Żaluzja akustyczna, Parking Balice

Acoustic blind, Parking lot Balice



LIGHT BROKERS are simple and lightweight louvre systems for protection from sunlight, or its partial reduction. Depending on your needs, they can take the form of vertical walls or canopies with different slopes and shapes. They allow optimization of the building's heat balance.

Łamacze światła, MOTA ENGIL Wrocław

Light breakers, MOTA ENGIL Wrocław



SHUTTERS provide excellent protection against too much sunlight in rooms and provide users with a little privacy. The Solar-Tech shutter system consists of an aluminum frame, infill, guide rails and running components and additional accessories. The filling can be lamellar blinds (in horizontal or vertical arrangement), exotic wood, solid panels or glass. The entire system can be opened manually or with an electric drive, controlled by remote control. Thanks to the use of an aluminum frame, it is possible to design shutters of considerable height, which allows them to be used successfully also on office buildings with high floors.

Okiennice z wypełnieniem drewnem

Wood-filled shutters


For more information, please visit our website at www.solar-tech.com.pl

For more information, visit the company's SOLAR-TECH Sp. z o.o. Sp.K page on the PdA portal.

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