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Automation in the area of window decoration from Smartbero

12 of December '23

Automation for everyone

At Smartbero, we know that smart homes are no longer something unattainable, as we see more and more of our customers using our smart electrical projects. We implement projects based on Loxone, Grenton, or Fibaro systems. We are also involved in automation in the area of window decoration - here, too, we are seeing rapid growth in technologies related to artificial intelligence and innovation.

Eleganckie dekoracje okienne do każdej przestrzeni

Elegant window decorations for any space


Electric automatic curtain rods

Using electric curtain rods and manually controlling them through an app (on iOS or Android) speeds up the process of covering and uncovering windows. The app allows you to create automated action plans, such as starting the curtain rods always at a selected time or at sunrise or sunset. Smart electric curtain rods can also be integrated with Google Assistant and operated with voice commands.

Smartbero - dekoracje i inteligentny dom

Smartbero - decoration and smart home


The biggest benefits of automatic curtain rods

  • Convenience and efficiency - thanks to the innovative electric drive, unveiling and covering curtains/curtains becomes child's play. With just a touch of a button, you can influence the atmosphere and light in the room.

  • Versatility - automatic curtain rods can be used in private homes and apartments, as well as in offices, hotels, public buildings.

  • Easy programming process - great adaptation to the householder's daily schedule.

  • Quick control - with a remotecontrol or smartphone.

  • Cost control - electric curtains adjust to weather conditions and heating systems, helping you save on bills without sacrificing comfort

  • Security - moving curtains deter potential burglars, taking care of your peace of mind, especially during extended absences.

  • Modernity and functionality - a wide selection of curtain rods.

  • Guaranteed fast installation - just give us a call.

Automatyzacja i proste zarządzanie domem lub biurem

Automation and simple management of your home or office


Window decorations - roller blinds, curtains, drapes

On blinds and curtains we know really well - and we comprehensively support you in choosing the right solution for your interior and in installation. We provide a wide selection of high-quality interior roller blinds, Roman blinds, blinds or pleats, and we don't forget about curtains and draperies, which are an extremely important element of window decoration. We offer a variety of designs, fabrics and styles - traditional and modern - we constantly follow trends providing inspiration to our customers.

Przykładowe elektryczne automatyczne karnisze do zasłon

Examples of electric automatic curtain rods for curtains


For more information, visit the company's SMARTBERO Sp. z o.o page on PdA.

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