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Black elegance, or wiring accessories and smart homes with the Legrand brand

04 of October '23

The growing popularity of the color black in the choice of wiring accessories is a phenomenon that is gaining more and more attention in the world of design and interior design. This unconventional trend seems to be the answer to modern tastes and needs, combining modernity with versatility.

Living Now – łącznik jednobiegunowy

Living Now - single-pole switch


Black, as the dominant element in electrical wiring solutions, is gaining recognition in both minimalist and more extravagant arrangements. The reasons for this popularity are manifold, but are certainly due to the unique character and extraordinary flexibility of the products available on the market.

Thanks to its innovative approach and high quality workmanship, Legrand fits perfectly into this fashionable trend, offering elegant and modern solutions for any type of arrangement.

Black wiring fixtures are becoming increasingly popular, and Legrand's series, such as Living Now, Suno, and Valena Life, offer a choice of traditional fixtures, as well as those integrated with a Smart Home system, making it possible to use both traditional features and create a smart home. Black, although austere, is extremely versatile and blends well with other colors. It is an excellent partner in juxtaposition with pastel shades, and also perfectly complements intense colors, creating harmonious combinations. Regardless of the style of the interior, black wiring accessories can give it elegance and modernity.

SUNO – gniazdo 2P+Z + USB-C

SUNO - socket 2P+Z + USB-C


Modern design by Living Now

The Living Now series of fixtures is a true revolution in the field of interior design. Its modern design and rich selection of functions make it meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. Versions in black or using natural materials give this series an even more exclusive character. These are more than just ordinary switches and sockets - they are advanced solutions that bring a new quality to our everyday spaces. This is confirmed by the lighting switch keys exposed in our homes, which always lay flat in the line of the frame, regardless of the state of lighting on. In addition, the original line of the frame takes the shape of a vertical ornament present on both sides of the keys, giving the final impression that the frame is actually not present in the switch.

Valena Life – łącznik jednobiegunowy

Valena Life - single-pole switch


In addition to traditional switches and sockets, the Living Now series also offers dimmers and a variety of USB sockets that allow you to charge smartphones or tablets. This is a solution that is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing, making rooms look neat and orderly. Additional features, such as control of blinds, or a thermostat that allows easy temperature management, make staying at home comfortable and convenient.

Universal style SUNO

SUNO is an option for those who prefer a universal and timeless style in their interiors. The wiring accessories in this series are characterized by a simple but elegant form, which fits both modern and classic arrangements. It is a solution that fits perfectly into a variety of interior aesthetics, providing not only an aesthetic appearance, but also functionality.

SUNO – łącznik jednobiegunowy

SUNO - single-pole switch


In addition, SUNO is also a wide range of functionality - starting with traditional switches and sockets, through automatic switches and fast-charge USB type A and C sockets, to inductive chargers, roller shutter control system and thermostat. Importantly, all fixtures are available in the elegant tinted and scratch-resistant black color, which is increasingly popular among lovers of modern interior design. Thanks to this variety, users can customize their interiors to suit their needs and tastes, while creating elegant and functional spaces.

Living Now – termostat z wyświetlaczem

Living Now - thermostat with display


Multifunctionality in a classic style
from Valena Life

The Valena Life series of electrical fixtures is distinguished by its classic and exceptionally elegant form, which gives any room a unique character. With its delicate lines and carefully designed details, Valena Life fits perfectly into both traditional and modern settings, making it an exceptionally versatile option for any home. In addition, the Valena Life series offers not only an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also excellent functionality, providing a wide range of solutions, such as traditional switches and outlets, as well as modern solutions, including efficient USB outlets, automatic switches, and lighting and temperature management systems. It is worth noting that this series is also available in elegant black, which further emphasizes its unique character and allows you to create interiors with a unique style. Thanks to Valena Life, you can create interiors that not only delight with their appearance, but also make everyday functioning even more comfortable and efficient.

Valena Life – gniazdo 2xUSB A+C

Valena Life - 2xUSB A+C socket


Smart home, thanks to Smart Home
Legrand Netatmo

The Living Now, SUNO and Valena Life series offer not only aesthetically pleasing and functional wiring accessories, but also the possibility of adding a version "with Netatmo" that constitutes a Smart Home system, which allows you to create a smart home. What's more, the ability to gradually expand the functionality of the Smart system to suit our needs makes this solution accessible to different budgets and needs. With the Living Now, SUNO and Valena Life series, it is possible to create a smart home that is both beautiful and practical, as well as adapted to the changing needs of users. This solution offers not only comfort and convenience, but also energy savings and increased home security.

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