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Hand-formed bricks and tiles

18 of December '20

Vandersanden hand-formed bricks and tiles are renowned for their superior quality, durability and aesthetics. They are characterized by a very wide range of applications: from facades of all kinds of buildings through small architectural objects to interiors.

An extremely wide range of colors, combined with the possibility of choosing different types of bond, grout color or format, provides unlimited design possibilities, both for traditional architecture and even the most modern concepts. Each brick is slightly different from the others, which enhances its natural and unique character. By skillfully combining opposites: rawness with softness and warmth, they are an extremely flexible and versatile product with timeless charm.

Cegły i płytki
ręcznie formowane © VANDERSANDEN

Handmade bricks and tiles


We offer more than 150 colors, yet we are constantly working on new ones, aiming to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. In 2018, we expanded our assortment to include clinker bricks produced with extrusion technology. Bricks of this type have a completely different appearance and character compared to hand-formed bricks. They are also produced in other formats, the basic of which is NF. Clinker bricks come as perforated, slotted and solid bricks.

The Impression series is a unique collection of clinker bricks with irregular, structured surfaces that gently shimmer in the sunlight.

LaskowskaWnętrza © VANDERSANDEN

Hand-formed bricks and tiles


Vandersanden products are the perfect combination of durability and beauty, gaining more and more peculiarity over time. They are an excellent investment for many years, providing a high standard, comfort and security.

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