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Vandersanden clinker paving. 100 years of tradition and timeless technology

06 of May '21

Durable clinker paving. Nature at your feet

The VANDERSANDEN company is one of the largest manufacturers of hand-formed bricks in Europe, with almost a century of experience in its industry. In 2018, by purchasing three factories producing clinker pavers from the CRH Group, along with one it already owned, it became the largest producer of clinker pavers in Europe. The company's product range includes clinker pavers with several different textures, dozens of colors and as many as 26 formats!

What is clinker paving?

Clinker pavers are a natural surfacing material, fired from clay and sand. They are environmentally friendly, as they contain no artificial additives, admixtures or dyes. They are extremely durable and long-lasting (clinker pavers have several times the strength of concrete pavers), and thanks to color reduction technology, the colors are uniform throughout the individualpavers, making the color almost eternal.

Vandersanden clinker paving Bruk. Natural and durable pavingBruk. Natural and durable pavingBruk. Natural and durable paving

Individual pavers are completely consistent in color throughout, but thanks to the color dynamics of the entire collection, you can use clinker paving to create subdued compositions or abstract mosaics

Vandersanden clinker paving - wide range of colors and shapes

The unique and dynamic color of the paving surface makes it easily adapt to any type of environment, creating an interesting composition. In addition, the colors obtained from the reduction process are extremely natural. It is an excellent material for paving around the house, from terraces, paths, driveways, to squares and roads. Clinker paving blends perfectly with other natural materials, such as natural stone or wood, blending perfectly with garden greenery. Due to the fact that Vandersanden pavers are produced in a wide range of variants (two technologies, dozens of colors, formats and different structures) this allows the investor to have almost unlimited possibilities for their use and matching to the environment. Not without significance is also the ease with which clinker pavers can be combined and laid in any composition, including arches and circles.

Vandersanden clinker paving Bruk. Achieving smoothBruk. Achieving smoothBruk. Achieving smooth

Achieving smooth, oval pavement compositions with Vandersanden clinker paving is relatively easy, thanks to the simplicity of its joining and laying

© Vandersanden

Antica paving blocks

Antica is a proposal for those who appreciate retro style. Slightly aged, with corrugated edges, it harmonizes nicely with the green surroundings of the house.


Thanks to a very wide range and variety, you can choose the right paving for virtually any project, from terraces, paths, driveways, to plazas and roads for heavy vehicles. Vandersanden clinker pavers are a guarantee of the highest quality and durability, as well as timeless aesthetics.

For more information, visit the company's VANDERSANDEN page on the A&B portal.

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