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Gloss carpet as luxurious as silk

25 of November '19

The ITC Natural Luxury Flooring brand is a Dutch company that produces high-quality rugs and carpets, mostly handmade using natural raw materials such as bamboo fiber, New Zealand wool, viscose and banana silk, among others.

The ITC brand proves that carpet design is an art and endless possibilities. With its variety of designs and quality, it has quickly gained popularity among architects designing high-end interiors. ITC rugs make more use of texture and natural materials than color alone. This conscious effort by the brand's designers allows to arrange the interiors of elegant living rooms, comfortable bedrooms and office spaces according to the latest trends.
Features of ITC Natural Luxury Flooring: Delicate; soft; silk-like in appearance.

The National Flooring Innovation Awards are supported by The Stocklists, the UK's leading retail and contract flooring magazine.


INNOVATION FLOWERS is how the Flooring Innovation 2019 competition was summed up, with the GLOSS collection by ITC Natural Luxury Flooring winning in the fiber development category. GLOSS is an exceptionally rich polyester carpet with a luxurious look. Very fluffy and soft to the touch, its high pile makes your feet feel comfortable. It belongs to the luxury collection of Campeone ITC Natural Luxury Flooring. It is a very practical and easy-to-clean carpet that is stain and water resistant and long-lasting with a very attractive appearance, and importantly, it always returns to its original position. Gloss is a great alternative to viscose. With a luxury class 5 rating and the highest fire rating of Cfl-S1, Gloss is perfect for residential and hospitality installations, and looking at its construction it is also suitable for commercial locations where the "wow" factor is required. Its total weight is 5.2 kg/m2. It is available in 7 modern colors with a width of 5 m, as well as in special colors when ordering min. 50 m2.

Without compromise GLOSS is an absolute HIT!

A carpet made to measure!

The ITC brand also follows trends and customer demands, introducing a special MADE to MEASURE RUGS program giving you the opportunity to create your own rug! You decide what you want your rug to look like by choosing the type of material from ITC's carpet collection, the size of the rug, its finish and even its shape. ITC will take great care of every detail and customize your rug to suit your needs. ITC offers modern ways to finish your own rug, where creativity, craftsmanship and luxury come together.

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