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ANKER brand ecological textile coverings

27 of November '22

The German company Anker is one of the oldest and largest German manufacturers of textile carpets. Founded in 1854 - near Cologne - in the village of Duren - it is one of the few to have survived the turmoil of history and is still - in part - owned by the family of its founders - the Schoeller family.

Eco-friendly bottom line

Anker, as one of the leading innovators in the textile flooring market, decided as early as 2018 to replace the non-ecological bituminous underside in its carpet tiles - with an underside made of TPE - a thermoplastic elastomer. This material is fully recoverable and can be recycled many times - without harming the environment. Presented collections Atum and Tram as well as collections: Sam, Neba, Terum and Codit are produced exclusively on the underside of Unit back.

Eco-friendly fibers

Anker - was the first company in Germany and one of the first in Europe to start using Econyl fibers - for which old fishing nets are used - in its production. Caring for the environment by reducing waste and reprocessing the materials used is a conscious policy of the owners - the Schoeller family - who have identified themselves with the local community and environmental protection for centuries.

Wykładzina w płytkach Atum - pętelka 580 gram na spodzie ekologicznym UNIT back

Atum tile carpet - 580 gram loop on UNIT back ecological bottom


Personalization of the carpet in tiles

Random - is a carpet in tiles of multiple possibilities - due to the varying degree of color saturation of individual tiles - the final effect depends on the person laying the tiles, In a sense, one creates - a work of art. A unique color combination - which diversifies the floor with the variety of its shades - variable depending on the angle of view, the degree of illumination and the direction of laying.

M2Carpets - wizualizacja

M2Carpets - visualization


Unique lightness and durability

Anker is Europe's largest producer of flat-woven carpets. This technology consists of weaving on a mechanical loom single or multicolored yarn strands fed to the loom in appropriate sequences - creating flat or three-dimensional - single or multicolored floor fabrics. The carpets produced by this technology are characterized by high abrasion resistance as well as tensile and pressure resistance. They are characterized by very low tare weight - making them an ideal material for use in the aviation industry - where every liter of fuel saved means a cheaper ticket and less pollution. Many airlines - including Lufthansa, Emirates and Lot - use Anker carpets.

Tram - płytka pętelka 560 gram na spodzie Unit back

Tram - shallow loop of 560 grams at the bottom of the Unit back


Le Corbusier by Anker

Renowned architect and art creator Le Corbusier recognized the importance of color in architecture. During many years of research, he created a select range of colors for use in architecture and everyday life. Anker - as the only company - has the right to use Le Corbusier's 63 colors for its carpets. The Anker Perlon Rips LCS and Anker Premium Carpet collections are based on these colors.

Płytka Random - wielobarwna pętelka strukturalna o gramaturze 750 gram

Random tile - multicolored structural loop tile 750 grams


Innovative family business

Maltzahn (now M2Carpets) was founded in the 1970s - as a family business with a coat of arms and traditions dating back to the 15th century. The factory is located in the small German town of Nottuln - near the historic city of Munster. A few years ago it was acquired by a Dutch investor - who invested in state-of-the-art technology lines for digital printing.

Precision digital printing

We offer precise digital printing on object and home carpets. Printing resolution - 76 dpi - enables realistic reproduction of designed patterns. More than 1000 digitally defined colors - gives a wide range of design possibilities. Multicolor spot printing allows smooth transitions between colors. Minimal color spot size makes - that any irregular shape is accurately reproduced.

M2Carpets - wizualizacja

M2Carpets - visualization


Printing on different types of carpets - for hotels, offices and residences

We offer printing on different qualities and weights of the carpet. Polyamide - 900 - 1100 - 1300 grams - on jute or felt, wool 1400 grams, fiber with silk sheen - 1150 and 1600 grams - offered width of carpets is 400 cm. In addition, we can realize prints on rubberized car pets with a width of 200 cm - for entrances, halls, corridors and other rooms where there is such a need.

Targi Mediolan - materialy M2Carpets

Milan trade fair - M2Carpets materials


Implementation from 10 m² - for large projects

We offer the possibility of printing - from 10 m². This means that you can print for yourself - your own unique carpet - for your living room - conference room or hotel lobby. The technology we have created allows direct printing from digital files. A good resolution photo - your own or purchased - can appear on the floor or on the wall - just as beautiful views - appear on the walls in the form of murals.

Dywany - materialy M2Carpets

Carpets - M2Carpets materials


Investment service

We can assist you at every stage of your investment: from helping you choose the right patterns and colors of carpets, through measurements at the construction site, optimizing the quantity of carpets to order, verifying the quality of floors, helping you level stairs and plan joints between different floors, to helping you choose the right (authorized) installation teams and methods for cleaning carpets during the operation of the facility.

For more information, visit the company's Cezary Ławida / M2CARPETS page on the PdA portal.

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