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Comprehensive lighting solutions

15 of December '20

ELMARCO's wide range of products


Modern lantern illuminatingthe space on theprinciple of reflected light, built of aluminum pole with special construction. Equipped with projectors with adjustable lighting angle. Purpose: illumination of prestigious public spaces, creates atmosphere, raises the rank of the place.


Modern LED lantern with a square or rectangular cross-section. The column consists of aluminum profiles connected together. In the lower part, a fuse panel and power supply are placed in a recess. In the upper part, the fixture chamber is closed by a plate, to which a sealed LED module with a lens is mounted on the outside and a heat sink on the inside. Purpose: illumination of public spaces in the environment of modern architecture.





A classic lantern with a universal form, constructed from an aluminum column on which is placed a cylindrical lampshade topped with a canopy. The canopy is at the same time a reflector for the energy-efficient LED light source, hidden in the column. The elements are fastened together with stainless steel rods. Proposed light source: integrated LED module or 2G11 energy-saving fluorescent lamp. Shade: UV-resistant PMMA. Purpose: illumination of parks, gardens, public spaces in both classic and modern style, estate roads, pedestrian and bicycle paths, parking lots.


Modern lantern built of rectangular aluminum profiles. The simple flat shape creates an elegant architectural element. In the boom a modular LED luminaire with excellent optical parameters and modeled characteristics of a street luminaire. The lenses used give a diffuse reflection effect while reducing glare.


Lantern constructed of aluminum stepped tubular column, hot-dip galvanized; decorated with characteristically tangential 1 or 2 arm boom.
Purpose: It blends very well with historic surroundings in streets and squares.





MILENA lamps are characterized by a very simple yet elegant design. The whole is complemented by a textile lampshade in a cylindrical shape, slightly expanding towards the bottom.


The BRANDY family of lamps are tasteful fixtures that are used in modern hotel and residential interiors. The elegant body combined with the oval shape of the lampshade provides a unique design for these lamps.


Lamps from the PADWA series are a tasteful and functional addition to the interior design of bothmodern and traditional bedrooms andliving rooms. They are characterized by modern design, noble materials and careful finishing. Textile lampshade in the shape of a cone is available in smooth material. The lamps perfectly build the right atmosphere, are visually attractive, simple to install and functional. Recommended for apartments in residences or hotels.

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