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PETIT - small size lighting projectors

15 of December '20

We have been in the lighting business for more than thirty years and operate in the contract market. In 2019, we completed the construction of a modern factory, equipped with professional machinery, automatic powder coating plant and photometric laboratory.

We manufacture luminaires in Poland. Our research and development department regularly designs and implements new products that meet the latest trends and requirements of the lighting market. We support the architect with expert advice at the stage of luminaire selection, make the necessary lighting calculations and remain available for any optimization of existing projects.

Muzeum Polskiej
Wódki, Warszawa © LIRALIGHTING

Museum of Polish Vodka, Warsaw


Fully understanding the uniqueness of projects, we customize existing products to meet the needs of the investment and produce luminaires designed for a specific project. We designlighting control systems for buildings. We program systems based on the architect's concept to meet the highest expectations of investors

PETIT - think smart, make small

A new generation of small-sized lighting projectors, dedicated for use in museum spaces, exhibitions, art galleries, storefronts or residential buildings. A wide range of optics makes it possible to illuminate very small objects as well as larger spaces.

The projectors meet the stringent requirements of museum exhibit designers. When designing the lighting of exhibits and other elements of the exposition, we are always in constant contact with the architect, so that the final result meets the designer's expectations.


A range of ground-mounted luminaires, for easy installation in sidewalks, promenades, squares. Ideal for lighting facades and other architectural elements. IP 67 rating makes the luminaires perfectly able to withstand harsh weather conditions. The construction of the luminaire is resistant to mechanical factors. These luminaires give the possibility to design dynamic light scenes.

Hotel Indigo, Kraków

Hotel Indigo, Krakow



A series of outdoor projectors designed to illuminate the facades of historic buildings, buildings with modern architecture and elements of urban architecture. A wide selection of optics makes it possible to achieve the designed effect of illuminating objects. The use of an appropriate lighting control system, allows to obtain unique lighting scenes.

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