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ENDA estate - cohousing for singles

02 of December '21
Technical data


ENDA estate - cohousing for singles


multi-family house


Gabriela Gustaw


Faculty of Architecture, Wroclaw University of Technology

Work submitted to the Halina Skibniewskaya student competition - HEALTHY HOUSE

According to a report by the Central Statistical Office, in 2030 one in three households will be single-person households, and they will mainly be made up of people aged 65+ and young people just starting their careers. The "ENDA" single-family home project I developedresponds to the related problem of loneliness, especially highlighted by the pandemic reality.

My model of the resident became a person aged 25-35, who wants to develop professionally, is single-generational, connected to the nearest neighborhood group and likes to organize parties.

Plansza konkursowa, aksonometria, rzut Plansza konkursowa, rzut osiedla

axonometry and projection of the estate

© Gabriela Gustaw

I decided on a carpeted development, which, in my opinion, is very effective, but still underestimated by many in Poland. I drew inspiration from the architecture of communist Poland, which in the 1970s treated houses in such a development as an urban planning experiment. The benefits of this solution were the most advantageous development of a given space and easy contact with the nearest neighbors, which gave residents a sense of unity and constant human contact. The "ENDA"estatealso fulfills this premise, making it easier for residents to establish better relationships and enabling them to identify with the surrounding natural environment precisely thanks to this development.

Rzut parteru

first floor plan

© Gabriela Gustaw

The construction system is characterized by modularity, repeatability and fast construction time. The modules, in the form of a modified letter A, can be freely combined and expanded if the houses need to be enlarged. The two distinguished schemes are modules A and B, which fit into each other. The first is connected on the side of the gardens, creating one large space for both neighbors.

ENDA housing estate - bird's eye view

© Gabriela Gustaw

This module has a bedroom located on the second floor, which separates the private zone from the public zone, so residents don't feel non-stop in their neighbor's sight. The latter module is a single-story house, aimed at people who don't care about sharing space with their neighbor, who lead a fast-paced lifestyle or who want to live in a house laid out on one level. Large glazings provide significant interior lighting, give the body of the house lightness and give the impression of blurring the boundary between the house and the garden.

Plansza konkursowa, rzut domu

The modules in the form of a modified letter A can be combined as desired.

© Gabriela Gustaw

The interconnected green roofs, as additional garden space, serve not only an aesthetic function, but also an ecological and social one. Residents from the two distant A modules can meet by moving freely across the roof of module B. The estate has been blended into the landscape thanks to green facades, which serve an insulating function and reduce air pollution. Composed together with natural wood on the facade, it gives a cozy character to the place.

osiedle Enda — wnętrze

Possibility to arrange the space inside the estate

© Gabriela Gustaw

Gabriela Gustaw

Illustrations: © Author

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