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A bright future for construction according to Schüco

10 of May '22

Sustainable solutions for windows, doors and facades.
From the series "Windows, doors, hardware, guards - trends 2022"

Houses today perform very diverse functions, as an environment for work, study and rest, so their interiors must have a healthy and comfortable microclimate. When designing them, more and more attention is also being paid to ecological solutions that are not only environmentally friendly, but also save resources. All these conditions are met by Schüco's sustainable window, door and facade solutions.

Today, more than ever before, the emphasis at the building design stage is on solutions that provide a comfortable interior microclimate and increased comfort. Architects must take into account a wide variety of factors, such as adequate room illumination, fresh air supply, optimal temperature, or issues of ease and safety of operation. On the other hand, however, buildings must also be environmentally friendly. Building envelopes - windows, doors and ventilation systems - play a decisive role in this context. They largely determine the amount of future costs of maintaining an optimal indoor microclimate - both environmental and financial. The answer to this problem is Schüco's environmentally certified, panoramic window, door and facade technologies, which enable the realization of comfortable, ecological and intelligent buildings.

Panoramic and comfortable

A hallmark of modern single-family homes are large areas of glazing on the facade. Their task is to let in the maximum amount of daylight and create an impressive effect of blending the outside world with the building interior. However, such transparent design is achieved not only by increasing the dimensions of the woodwork, but also by reducing the visible width of the frames. For example, in the LivIngSlide Panorama lift-and-slide door, the front width of the sash profile has been reduced from 99 to just 72 mm. Up to four fixed and sliding sashes can be accommodated in a single frame to create panoramic glazing. LivIngSlide doors can also be combined with PVC-U LivIng windows for a consistent aesthetic effect.

PVC-U Schüco LivIngSlide Panorama lift-and-slide door

© Schüco

Even larger glazings can be realized with the thermally insulated aluminum ASS 77 PD system. The outer frame and threshold are hidden in the building envelope, and the presence of the door is betrayed only by the contact of the 37 mm wide sash profiles. In addition, there is an option to realize a 90° opening corner without a traditional mullion.

Schüco ASS 77 PD panoramic sliding door

Wide design freedom for transparent glazing is also provided by the Schüco ASE 80.HI sliding and lift-and-slide system. The panoramic sliding door will look great in combination with Schüco AWS 75 PD windows of the same design.

Schüco AWS 75.PD panoramic windows

All Schüco balcony doors and windows can be equipped with a warm and airtight zero millimeter threshold. The solution, which is flush with the floor, removes any physical obstructions to passage and accentuates the effect of a smooth transition between the interior and exterior. The design has the highest, 6th class of passability according to ift guideline BA-01/1 "Determination and classification of passability of thresholds", so it is an excellent option for barrier-free architecture.

Transparent and striking

In the design of modern houses, it is increasingly common to see glazing to the height of a floor or the entire building, which is implemented using aluminum facades. In the Schüco FWS 35 PD panoramic facade system, the visible profile face widths have been reduced to just 35 mm, making the glazing divisions extremely subtle. It allows the realization of all-glass corners, the insertion of panoramic windows and seamless combination with Schüco ASS 77 PD panoramic doors. This creates a "glass wall" that, in addition to an unobstructed view, also offers a ventilation function.

Schüco FWS 35 PD panoramic facade.

Despite the very small front width of the profiles, all these systems provide high thermal insulation up to and including passive standard. Making impressive glazing with window sashes as high as 3.2 meters is also possible with the Schüco FWS 60 CV system, which combines a slender facade design with a front width of just 60 mm with typical window functions such as tilt and turn. The sash frames are concealed in the façade's supporting profile, so that from the outside the opening fields cannot be distinguished from the fixed ones. High opening elements located above the first floor can furthermore be equipped with adequate protection against falling out in the form of integrated all-glass balustrades. Balustrades can also be integrated into Schüco's PVC-U and aluminum window systems to form today's fashionable portfenets. In this case, in addition to all-glass balustrades, there is also a choice of striking openwork versions in various configurations.

The innovative Schüco FWS 60 CV facade

Safe and intelligent

Large glazings are not only striking, but also safe and easy to operate. Schüco's panoramic windows and sliding doors, both in PVC-U and aluminum, have a robust, well-thought-out design and are available in the optimal burglary resistance class RC2. The safety of floor-to-ceiling windows will be ensured by system balustrades mounted directly to the window frame for an attractive, minimalist look. A noteworthy solution is aluminum joinery with hidden TipTronic mechatronic hardware. The smart system can be operated remotely, such as with a smartphone or voice command, as well as traditionally with a button on the window handle or sliding door sash. Additional sensors can monitor temperature, humidity and air quality or weather conditions, and if necessary give an electronic impulse to automatically close or open windows or patio doors. Schüco's PVC-U and aluminum entrance doors also have future-oriented features. In addition to an enhanced RC2 or RC3 burglary resistance rating, they provide remote operation via a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, thanks to a built-in BlueCon module.

Schüco doors in aluminum or PVC-U with BlueCon module


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