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How to create the perfect interior in a few steps?

28 of October '19

We are a hybrid company - we combine the features of a furniture manufacturer and a multi-brand dealer of well-known brands in Poland and Europe, along with delivery and installation. We furnish all kinds of interiors - from modern office buildings to public buildings and schools, universities and state institutions. We mainly cooperate with B2B clients and architectural offices. We are stationed in Warsaw at 25 Narwik Street - here we have an office and a showroom.

What do we have in our offer?

  • furniture of our own production
  • office furniture of Polish and foreign manufacturers
  • armchairs and seats of Polish and foreign manufacturers
  • acoustic solutions
  • carpets with installation
  • reception counters
  • green office
  • wall panels
  • kitchens

How do we work? - INTERIOR SYSTEM

1. at the beginning we identify the needs of the client, such as:

  • Color scheme of the furniture corresponding to the logo and brand book?
  • Functionality of the furniture and the new interior of the company matching the profile of the performed activity? Matching unusual solutions (tailor-made) to the needs of the Client? This is no challenge for us. We operate in a way that we have named INTERIOR SYSTEM. It is a system of cooperation with the Client, which allows us to prepare the best offer and create the most effective office for our Client.

2 We determine the effect we want to achieve together with the Client/Architect, such as:

  • Reducing reverberation in the office?
  • Reducing employee stress?
  • Reducing sickness absenteeism?
  • Increasing employee productivity?

3 We set the budget together with the Client:

  • Economic line - solid quality can be cheap
  • High Standard line - high quality, quiet closing and 5-year warranty
  • Premium line - Italian or Spanish furniture + top quality materials

4 We choose solutions that will increase the productivity of our client's employees, such as:

  • Soft Acoustic Panels - hanging or inter-desk panels
  • Laser Tech - edgebanding of countertops glued by laser without the use of glue
  • Soft Close Automatic - quiet, soft closing in doors and drawers
  • Soft Seating & Booth - telephone booths inside offices and system seating

5 We prepare materials for the client before the project is implemented:

  • Visualizations
  • Technical drawings of furniture
  • Test furniture

6.After the project is implemented, we jointly note:

  • Improvement of acoustics in the office - reduction of stress of employees
  • Nicer interiors - countertops with edging form one monolith, all interior elements correspond visually with each other
  • Separation of a special area for phone calls.

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