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Tiles like wood - new collections

25 of November '19

Unique style in harmony with nature

The best is reflected in nature, which is why Cerrad tiles combine modernity with the world around us. Diverse design, rich colors and a wide selection of multi-formats, allow you to realize the boldest architectural visions with complete freedom.

Tonella and Acero collections

Tiles that imitate wood in the mass, are distinguished by colorfastness and faithful reproduction of the wood grain. Their universal character and richness of colors - from light, slightly cool bianco, to intense warm marrone and brown - make them perfect for both modern arrangements and interiors maintained in a classic or rustic style. They are also an excellent choice for terrace arrangements.

Tacoma porcelain stoneware tiles collection

The Tacoma collection, inspired by the beauty of natural stone, is a Cerrad proposal that will successfully complement both traditional and modern compositions. Available in 5 shades - steel, gray, silver, white and sand, it will create a perfect duo with colors of intense saturation, introducing a bit of dynamism to the interior, and calm shades, wrapping the interior with subtlety. Gently glossy, structured surface with hematite particles and expressive, graphic design attract attention, making Tacoma a graceful design material with unlimited possibilities.

The collection is perfect for a modern kitchen, including one combined with a living room, as well as in a bathroom - as a complement to designer ceramics and furniture - both on the floor and on the wall.

  • Dimensions of Tacoma tiles: 59,7x119,7 cm and 59,7x59,7 cm, 119,7x119,7 cm
  • Tacoma colors: steel, grey, silver, white, sand
  • Dimensions of Tonella and Acero tiles: 19.3x120.2 cm, 19.3x159.7 cm
  • Acero color scheme: bianco, sabbia, ochre, marrone
  • Tonnela colors: cream, honey, brown, beige.

About us

We have been creating exceptional ceramic tiles since 1994. In our factories, we produce stoneware and clinker tiles that meet the highest standards - both in terms of design and quality. We are one of the most advanced ceramic tile factories in the world with the most modern production line in Poland and one of the most modern in Europe, equipped with the longest in the country: 190-meter ceramic firing furnace. We were the first in Poland to introduce modern "dry" tile molding technology. In one of our fully automated plants we produce the largest ceramic tiles in the world of the "Ultime" brand, with a size of 163x324 cm. We have a distribution network throughout Poland. Our regular customers are also contractors from more than 50 countries around the world.

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