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Hoxter Slim Series - a wide range of shallow-walled products

01 of March '23

In response to strong market demand, Hoxter currently offers a total of eight models with shallow depths. Currently, there is a choice of two models with straight glass, two corner models, three three-sided models and one tunnel product.

All models in the series are particularly suitable for smaller rooms and energy-efficient homes, and offer many possibilities for fireplace design and installation due to their small external dimensions. Rated heat output ranges from 6 to 8 kW depending on the model.

© Hoxter

In contrast to the compact outer dimensions, the glazing of the S models is exceptionally large, which was achieved by reducing the gaps between the door and the frame. All inserts in the S series feature a glass height of 50 cm, which provides a beautiful vision of the fire. For three-sided units and corner formats, the depth of the side glass has been standardized at 35 cm.

© Hoxter

As with other Hoxter models, the S series offers the possibility of individual configuration of the insert. There is a choice of side-opening or lift-up versions, mounting frames or blends, light or dark chamotte lining, and controls made of stainless steel as standard or optional black.

For more information, visit the company's HOXTER a.s. page on the A&B portal.

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