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Barwa System - cladding systems, that is, interior walls do not have to be boring!

06 of December '23

Interior walls do not have to be boring. BARWA SYSTEM Sp.z o.o. has a wide range of systems that are designed to install cladding inside buildings. The materials used in the development are not only sheet metal or expanded metal, but also raw materials that are ecological and have acoustic properties, such as CEWOOD or EcoPET. Our qualified team of traders and technologists, will help select the right materials to achieve the required acoustic parameters in a given project, as was the case in the realization of the Łódź Fabryczna Railway Station.

Zabudowa ścienna Qbik

Qbik wall cladding


Qbik wall cladding is a self-supporting decorative cladding. Repeatable qbik modules of varying height or color, give character to a particular room. The originality of this product can be added by the use of individually arranged light points. The material of which these elements are made is lightweight and resistant to weather conditions. This product can also be used in rooms with increased humidity. The supporting elements of the development are formed by steel profiles, powder-coated in a standard RAL color. The qubics themselves, on the other hand, can not only be in a matte color, they can also be made of sheet metal that imitates wood (NUT TREE wood-like color).

Panele ścienne CEWOOD

CEWOOD wall panels


Ecological solutions

CEWOOD are wood wool panels made of high-quality wood fiber and have very good acoustic properties. An additional advantage of this product is its excellent insulating and thermal properties, as well as the durability of the material. These panels are great for rooms where there is noise, or in rooms where calm, relaxation, tranquility is needed, such as therapeutic, beauty and massage rooms.

Próbki EcoPET

EcoPET samples


Cladding made of recycled material

Schools, kindergartens, lecture halls or offices are spaces where acoustics significantly affect the comfort of the people in them. All these spaces must not only be functional, but also visually distinctive and aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, the ideal solution will be acoustic cladding made of EcoPET. A huge selection of colors and the possibility of making individual designs, combined with acoustic properties, will make this product meet all customer requirements.

Okładziny ścienne VARIO 3D Acoustic

VARIO 3D Acoustic wall cladding


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