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Kitchen in emeralds

02 of January '20

Determined colors have taken hold in kitchen interiors. This is an interesting proposition for those who want to move away from conservative beiges or grays and are not afraid to experiment. Arrangements referring to precious stones are like jewels - unique.

Shades of emerald, ruby, turquoise match both retro style, glamour and vintage or oriental trends. They prove to be an interesting alternative to the monotonous bright colors that have taken over most kitchens.

Emerald can be one of the walls or built-in furniture up to the ceiling. The best background is then broken white, for example, with a drop of graphite. In rooms that are not too large, the lower minimalist shelves and the space above them will also look good in an off-white shade. You can then afford a dark, stylishly aged floor.

It's not just the dark green color that catches the eye, but the original geometric patterns: rhombuses on the fronts of the kitchen cabinets, white bricks on part of the wall, copper triangles on the backs of the hockers. These elements correspond perfectly with a large lamp consisting of four fixtures, each of which is slightly different and by its shape and color evokes associations with precious stones and precious metals. The result is a perfect, "jeweler's" combination of emerald with gold, silver, copper....

The main lamp is well complemented by LED strips under the hanging shelves, as well as the illuminated upper, glazed part of the built-in. This gives the interior a visual lightness, and at the same time a pleasant atmosphere. Exposed designer dishes add chic and character to the arrangement.

Important, of course, is the flow of natural light - through spacious windows with decorative blinds. Nearby, it's good to locate a worktop or a dishwashing area, so that you can sometimes look at what's going on outside during your daily chores.

To make being in the kitchen a pleasure, it is also important to make sure the furnishings match the decor, are functional and durable. A graphite-colored sink was incorporated into the emerald arrangement. The sink was matched with a standing single-lever Zicco faucet with an original cubist shape: flat surfaces and right angles harmonize with the geometric motifs of the entire styling. The chrome plating harmonizes with the "silver" accents in the interior. The Zicco model has a ceramic regulator, a jet regulator, as well as a convenient rotating spout.

The sink is recessed into the countertop, which is part of an aesthetic peninsula, which is a symbolic border between the kitchen and living room zones. From the side of the living room, the peninsula - by means of hockers attached to the countertop - becomes a table where the household members eat breakfast or drink a quick coffee. During parties it turns into a bar counter - for snacks or drinks. Comfortable, elegant, in good style with an emerald note.

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