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Rosa - complete outdoor lighting sets

03 of December '21

ROSA is a Polish company that has specialized in designing and manufacturing complete outdoor lighting sets for 30 years. The company's offer includes: lighting poles, LED luminaires, extension arms, ready-made lighting sets and necessary accessories, as well as signal poles and flagpoles.

MCKiS, Jaworzno

SAL DECO-3 LED - MCKiS, Jaworzno


Diverse designs and modern solutions and technologies used in ROSA brand products give the opportunity to create lighting projects for the 21st century. Customers who expect individual solutions have the opportunity to create unique lighting concepts by cooperating with the company's Design Department and Laboratory.




The company's product range includes products with different styles and functions. The most popular poles, LED luminaires and lighting sets are those with a modern form, perfectly suited to modern urban spaces, where they become an attractive architectural element. Minimalist ROSA lighting sets are eagerly used in modern office and residential complexes.

More classic and decorative shapes are presented by the line of aluminum decorative poles and luminaires dedicated to them. They look great in parks and historic parts of cities.

– Central Park Apartments, Łódź

CORE LED, KARIN LED - Central Park Apartments, Lodz.


Almost 100% of the company's product range is manufactured from aluminum, which is considered the most environmentally friendly construction material. All of ROSA 's aluminum products undergo an anodizing process, which increases their lifespan. The Technical Approval confirms that ROSA brand anodized aluminum poles have a corrosion life of no less than 50 years. For customers, this means that they not only receive an aesthetically pleasing and stylish product that stands out in the space, but also have the assurance that the product will not require any maintenance activities such as painting for a minimum of 50 years.

OW LED – Park im.
Henryka Sienkiewicza, Włocławek

OW LED - Henryk Sienkiewicz Park, Włocławek


A particular advantage of the anodizing process is color fastness. The colors of ROSA brand poles, booms and luminaires, obtained through the anodizing process, unlike painted or galvanized coatings, are resistant to UV rays, so the colors remain unchanged. ROSA's anodizing plant is the only one in Central and Eastern Europe to offer anodizing in as many as 10 colors.

CUT LED – ul.
Dworcowa, Katowice

CUT LED - Dworcowa Street, Katowice, Poland.


In 2021, ROSA-branded poles, booms and masts received Cradle to Cradle® certification (Cradle to Cradle Certified® is a registered trademark of the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Insitute) at the SILVER level which is an internationally recognized measure of safer and more sustainable products created for a closed-loop economy.

Detailed information on ROSA brand products, as well as a BIM product library, is available at

For more information, visit the company's ROSA / Zakład Produkcji Sprzętu Oświetleniowego „ROSA” Stanisław Rosa page on the PDA portal.

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