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Customized lighting, tailored to individual needs - Kanlux ALIN

26 of November '22

Designers of smaller spaces as well as those designing large but diverse spaces often face a dilemma: "Here it would be useful to have lighting designed specifically for this room, with the right color of light, the color of the luminaire, with details in matching colors, and in an unusual shape." Taking all these needs into account, we realize that such a luminaire does not exist or its manufacture will be so expensive and time-consuming that we make concessions with ourselves, but feeling unsatisfied.

Kanlux ALIN

To meet such expectations, Kanlux has created the Kanlux ALIN line of luminaires so that you can design and manufacture luminaires to match your investment, rather than matching your investment to the luminaires. Kanlux ALIN are luminaires manufactured in Poland at the Kanlux Factory. Nowadays, the possibility of their individual fitting has made almost 400 models realistically available. We ourselves choose the color of the housing, length, type of luminaire: integrated LED or for replaceable light sources, mounting method: surface-mounted or pendant, add the possibility of control by the DALI system, choose the power and even the type of lampshade. For special orders, we personalize the fixtures by adding, for example... orange power cables to match the designed interior. There are many possibilities for personalization. Especially noteworthy are two new solutions introduced by Kanlux.

Kanlux ALIN – biuro

Kanlux ALIN - office



The first is the KANLUX ALIN LED LINE. A line of light created from connected luminaires that forms a single unit. The length of such a line, i.e. one lamp that is assembled on site, can be as long as several tens of meters. This opens up completely new possibilities for lighting arrangements for large open spaces.

Kanlux ALIN – obudowa bez zewnętrznych śrub

Kanlux ALIN - housing without external screws


Kanlux LTX

However, Kanlux, at the request of designers, went one step further and created the Kanlux ALIN LTX system, i.e. an extension of the offer with connectors and shapers that allow "breaking" the light line at right angles. The available fittings are L-shaped - the line turns at a right angle, T-shaped the line branches into two more and X-shaped where 4 light lines converge or diverge. Shapes and connectors are available in several types, analogous to the colors and type of luminaire diffuser. Models supporting DALI control are also available.

Kanlux ALIN – klosz z efektem linii świetlnej

Kanlux ALIN - lampshade with light line effect


The possibilities of personalization and customization provided by these luminaires can be checked by yourself in the Kanlux Factory luminaire configurator. Check today what you can do to get closer to the perfect luminaire for your project.

For more information, visit the company's KANLUX S.A. page on the PdA portal.

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