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Lighting with character. Modern LED solutions from ES-SYSTEM

01 of December '20

Light as the fourth dimension of architecture.
From the series "Modern lighting - trends 2020".

Light as the fourth dimension of architecture is a unique tool for creating space. In modern interiors, well-designed LED lighting is simply a must have. It allows you to emphasize the character of a given environment or create a unique lighting arrangement that will become the main attraction on its own. What solutions will help to fully exploit the potential of light?

Wool Factory

photo: © ES-SYSTEM

Creativity in any form

Individuality is a key concept in modern architecture. That's why today we demand much more from lighting than just good performance. We especially care about originality and flexibility. And when we say "flexibility," we must add: "LUNA LED". This state-of-the-art lighting system, thanks to its thermosetting PVC film, can take on any shape and color - the only limit is our imagination. LUNA is the perfect choice wherever creativity plays first fiddle.

Classically or with flair

Linear lighting systems are another solution that has won the hearts of designers for good. And for good reason. Luminaires such as the already iconic FX Line or S6000 from ES-SYSTEM offer incredible arrangement possibilities - from simple arrangements to complex curved structures. FLOW models in particular are hugely popular, allowing the creation of stunning multi-level compositions using rings of different diameters and suspension heights. Although linear luminaires are equally perfect as subtle basic lighting where visual comfort is paramount.

Linear lighting systems

Photo from left: © Workplace, © ES-SYSTEM

Industrial inspirations

Industrial style is still one of the main trends in interior design. Seemingly austere industrial luminaires in modern spaces show a new and surprising face. The best example? KRYPTON, SATURN or COSMO ORION systems. Such unconventional combinations attract attention, and when used properly can determine the final character of the decor.

Lighting of the future

Intelligent lighting is another topic increasingly taken up by lovers of combining innovation and design. Modern control systems combine all the most desirable elements of today: advanced technology, energy efficiency, flexibility, individuality, and at the same time simplicity and comfort. Therefore, lighting management is something you should definitely keep in mind if you care about creating unique and human-friendly interiors.

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