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Concrete paving - pavers and patio slabs in composing the perfect space

01 of December '20

Cohesive and aesthetically pleasing private and urban space - Bruk-Bet® paving blocks, slabs and terrace slabs

The BRUK-BET Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of prestigious concrete products offering a wide range of pavers, paving slabs and patio slabs, with which you can easily design the terrace of your dreams and a functional driveway. Top Prestige and Prestige series products are characterized by exceptional design and usability properties. Thanks to a wide range of designs, Prestige products provide the highest level of architectural creativity and also enable the realization of a variety of complete and stylistically consistent design solutions around the house, garden and in the urban space.

Laminated paving blocks - Prestige and Top Prestige collections

Exclusive Prestige and Top Prestige paving is perfect for both elegant properties and those arranged in a modern or rustic style. Diverse sizes and thickness of pavers allow to use them as surfaces of garage driveways, garden paths or terrace development. They are characterized by the latest design and uniqueness on the market. The TOP PRESTIGE product group includes products with surfaces of the following types: Poleryt, Color-Mix®, Color-Max, Metalic Color, Microtec, Fotoline, Terazzo® Rustical® and Teratec.

All paving blocks and slabs in the series are protected against dirt already during the production process by the special Perlon® Lamino® system, defined by Lamino 1, Lamino 3, Lamino 5 surface protection indicators.

Innowacyjna ochrona
Lamino® kluczem do czystych nawierzchni © BRUK-BET

Innovative protection with the Perlon® Lamino® system - the key to clean surfaces


Perlon® Lamino® system - concrete pavement protection system

Perlon® Lamino® is an innovative system based on coating the concrete surface (already at the production stage) with modified resins with specific physical and functional properties.

The main purpose of the system's operation is effective protection against dirt - the creation of an insulating layer that prevents the penetration of dirt into the structure of the concrete as well as the migration of efflorescence from the concrete to its surface.

The result of the system is the protection of the pavement and prevention of stains - both those of food origin, after which discolorations and stains are often difficult to remove (e.g., no traces of stuck-on chewing gum), and others resulting from everyday use of the pavement. The Perlon® Lamino® system effectively prevents the penetration of substances into the structure of the concrete, such as hydrocarbons, so there are no stains on the driveway from, for example, grease or oil.

Kompletne otoczenie -
architektura ogrodowa © BRUK-BET

Complete surroundings - garden architecture


Terrace stairs and garden architecture - a coherent design of the space around the house

The range of stair systems from Bruk-Bet® is very wide. In it you can find block stair treads, reminiscent of stylish mansion properties, as well as corner, arch and facing stair treads, which, thanks to their ground and shot-blasted facing surfaces, perfectly harmonize with exquisite residential buildings, as well as with modern architecture.

The surface finishes of the stair treads correspond to the colors of the paving and terrace slabs of the individual product series.All Bruk-Bet® stair tre ads guarantee stable and complementary realizations both in the garden when edging terraces and in domestic entrance areas.

The company has elements for the construction of free-standing fences, but also for multi-level flowerbeds, terrace flowerbeds, walls, delineations, borders of terraces and stairs. ABAKUS® walls offered by the company, in the new XL formats from 60 to even 250 cm in height, can form a masonry element that constitutes a viewing curtain.

{Dream terrace - terrace slabs from MAESTRO series,title=Dream terrace - terrace slabs from MAESTRO series}

Dream terrace - terrace slabs from MAESTRO series


Dream terrace - large format terrace slabs

MAESTRO terrace tiles with Poleryt finish

A new product group, Poleryt, has appeared in Bruk-Bet's extensive range of terrace slabs, which includes terrace slabs from the MAESTRO series: Grande, Vivo and Selecto.
After all, the terrace, being a connection between the house and the garden, should harmonize with both the building's surroundings and its design. With the new large-format terrace tiles from Bruk-Bet, the design of the home relaxation area becomes beautiful and functional.

MAESTRO terrace slabs are a masterful combination of the highest quality utility features and functional design. The surfaces achieve a natural yet creative character through the use of properly composed fine, medium and coarse-grained noble aggregates and appropriate processing.

The slabs have a Polerite finish, which is achieved by processing through a diamond brushing process involving milling and surface polishing. This process results in a fine anti-slip surface texture, color enhancement and contrast, and resistance to dirt penetration. These boards, by calibrating the thickness, are predisposed to all methods of installation, including laying on stands/supports.

Romantica® terrace tiles - metallic finish with Lamino® protective system.

Also worth noting are the large-format Romantica® terrace boards. The unique pearl finish of Metalic Color or Color-Mix and the revolutionary Lamino® protection system will make terrace arrangements made with them an object of admiration for guests, and they will serve their owners for years.

Płyty brukowe XL na

XL paving slabs for driveway


XL paving slabs for driveway

The home driveway is the most exploited space around the house, which, in addition to practical aspects, also plays an aesthetic role - it is the business card of the property. A driveway made of concrete slabs in XL format is the most apt choice of investors. There are many reasons for its choice, not only utility considerations of the material, related to resistance and durability to the weather or harmful external factors. Above all, it is a guarantee of creating a coherent, fashionable arrangement, completely tailored to the nature of the property. This choice means creating the perfect showcase for residents! Novator Solo 8 cm thick boards are available in single formats and sizes from 30×20 cm to 100×100 cm.

{Paving Plates for Novator® City,title=Paving Plates for Novator® City}

Paving slabs for Novator® City


Paving slabs for the city from the Novator® series.

The formats, colors and type of finish of the new Novator® series sl abs are a response to the ever-growing popularity of modernist style in architecture. We can easily achieve this effect by using large, geometric paving slabs from this series in the shape of timeless rectangles and squares ranging in size from 20×20 cm to large formats of 100×100 cm.

Novator® City paving slabs in 8, 12 and 16 cm thicknesses are specifically dedicated to urban construction. Depending on the format used, they allow for the creation of a surface for the vehicular traffic of heavy technical and fire vehicles.


The strength and aesthetics of Bruk-Bet® paving slabs, therefore, provide enormous design possibilities - both in private and urban spaces.

For more information, visit the company's BRUK-BET Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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