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Manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom countertops

04 of December '23

Are you arranging kitchens or bathrooms? We are waiting for you. CavaStone is a reputable and proven manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom countertops made of natural stone, ceramic and quartz conglomerates.

Wyspa kuchenna oraz blat wraz z okładziną wykonane z konglomeratu kwarcowego LuminaStone by Cava

The kitchen island and countertop together with the facing made of quartz conglomerate LuminaStone by Cava


Granite and quartzite used for countertops are materials created by nature, their unpredictable drawing in countless colors, is one of a kind. The hardness of the material allows us to make a countertop highly durable against mechanical factors and high temperatures. Natural stones, due to their structure, require impregnation, for which we use special agents certified for countertop contact with food. Impregnation is aimed at reducing the absorption of liquids and dirt.

If we need an artificial material that does not require impregnation, but with characteristics similar to stone, we can choose quartz conglomerate. It was created to meet the practical needs of modern households. Developed from the very beginning as a material for the production of kitchen countertops. Quartz conglomerate is a homogeneous material formed from 90% - 95% quartz, the rest is pigments and other aggregates combined with resin, mixed and compressed. Conglomerates made with this technology are characterized by high resistance to stains, mechanical factors and temperatures up to 120°C.

The use of ceramic sinters is another of the ways to achieve the effect of real stone. It is produced exclusively from natural materials that have been pressed together and bonded at 1200°C. As a result, the surface of quartz sinter is characterized by very high resistance to stains, mechanical and temperature factors. This material is great for kitchen countertops, wall panels or floors.

Umywalka wolnostojąca ze spieku kwarcowego CoverlamTop by Grespania Ekspazycja łazienki w

Free-standing quartz sintered washbasin CoverlamTop by Grespania/Exploring the bathroom at


Functional solutions from exclusive, timeless materials

What, besides the kitchen, can be made of quartz sinter? This question arises quite often at the stage of discussing the design of usable space, whether for a house, apartment or public facilities. Starting from the use of materials for floors or walls, and ending with advanced designs for modular sinks. More and more often 6mm thick sinters are used as cladding for furniture fronts or walls - as filling the space between cabinets and countertops. Thanks to the proposed materials you get a durable and hygienic product.

We cooperate with the market's leading suppliers of materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops. A wide range available off-the-shelf will allow you to realize the most sophisticated project. CavaStone is also a distributor of ceramic sinters by ATLAS PLAN, LUMINASTONE and SYMPHONY quartz conglomerates and INVISACOOK under-counter Induction.

We invite you to cooperate with: - design studios - carpentry studios - kitchen studios - stone companies

Realizacja blatów kuchennych wraz z wyspą ze spieku kwarcowego

Realization of kitchen countertops together with quartz sinter island


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