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Video intercom systems with Siedle app - performance, security, mobility

04 of December '23

The trend toward full mobility is not waning. The smartphone is also increasingly taking center stage in [exclusive] housing, for example, as a receiver for intercom systems.

You simply feel safe when you can see who is standing at the front door. With the video intercom system and the Siedle app, this is possible anytime, anywhere. The doorbell signal and live video are transmitted to your smartphone via the Smart Gateway - at home via WLAN and on the road via your cell phone, no matter where you are in the world. You can see who is ringing the doorbell, talk to a visitor and open the front door with your smartphone. As in this case, for example:

Aplikacja Siedle App

Siedle App

© Siedle

Open the door when it really matters

The last lesson at school is canceled today; Luke is going home earlier than usual. He doesn't have his house key with him. But the family home is equipped with a video intercom system from Siedle. And it is connected to the Siedle app.

Luke can therefore ring the doorbell at any time. The doorbell signal reaches his mom's smartphone. She sees the junior on the display, greets him briefly and opens the door for him directly. To do so, she simply slides the virtual key of the Siedle app to the lock symbol. This allows Luke to safely enter the apartment, even if mom is still away.

The Siedleapp is also very family-friendly and can be used on several mobile devices at the same time - i.e., the smartphones of Luke's parents at the same time.

Stacja zewnętrzna Siedle Classic

Siedle Classic door station

© Siedle

Secure data, server in Germany

Siedlemobile intercom communication means maximum data security. Communication is encrypted, both between the system and the server and between the server and the application. No personal data is stored on the server. All data is stored in Germany and is therefore subject to strict German and European law. In addition, Siedle regularly provides free updates to the application. These updates are sent directly to mobile devices and guarantee data security over a long period of time.

And inside: the best video panel from Siedle

The SiedleAxiom video panel, which Luke's family uses as an indoor station for their intercom system, is also family-friendly: Two fixed buttons for basic functions - speaking and door opening - are child's play. All other functions are customizable in the user interface and operated intuitively. As soon as you approach your hand, the panel turns on. The brightness of the display automatically adjusts to the lighting conditions.

In addition to intelligent technology and convenient operation, Siedle Axiom is distinguished by its outstanding design. Distinctive lines, a flat housing and a narrow panel bezel give the device a distinctive character. The design has won multiple awards - for example, the Red Dot Award or the German Design Award.

Panel wewnętrzny Siedle Axiom

Siedle Axiom in-house panel

© Siedle

Unlimited variety: door stations

At the entrance, the door stations of the four Siedle design lines open up countless design variants and combinations: in aluminum, brass or stainless steel, on the wall, in the wall or free-standing.

The distinctive design language of the Siedle Classic style line, for example, harmonizes particularly well with Siedle Axiom. The focus on essential elements and the exceptional quality of the materials and workmanship make Siedle Classic the right choice for anyone who appreciates solidity and the quality of the material used.

Siedle Classic integrates all functions behind a metal front panel: Ringing, speech, door opening, access control and even a video camera. The design grid always provides an aesthetically pleasing and functionally harmonious appearance. The design is a contemporary interpretation of the classic door station.

Different metal surfaces, PVD coatings or paint finishes in all possible RAL colors, allow gate stations to be customized. Individual elements can be adapted to special requirements in terms of functionality or, for example, the number of residential units.

Stacja zewnętrzna Siedle Classic

Siedle Classic door station

© Siedle

No compromises: Siedle quality

Siedle has anchored sustainability in its corporate guidelines. This is expressed in energy-efficient production and active responsibility for employees, the site and the environment. But also in the product concept and the products themselves.

Longevity is thus Siedle's product philosophy, as the most sustainable products are those that are produced with due care. Siedle views intercom systems as a long-term investment and thinks of building communication as a system. The products have a modular design and are therefore backward compatible. Retrofitting and upgrading are possible without any problems.

In its 270-year history, the family-owned company has grown from a pioneer in intercom systems to a leader in innovation in building communication. Siedle systems are used all over the world - in small and large residential buildings, businesses, clinics, concert halls and museums. Siedle is recognized as one of Germany's premier design brands.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdA portal.

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