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Modern LED lighting with the ability to change the color and intensity of the light

14 of December '20


SHADOWLINE is elegance wrapped in classic black. The minimalism of this solution consists in a black LED profile covered by a black aperture, thanks to which the luminaire blends into dark surfaces. The designed light pattern rings out only when the luminaire is switched on, giving a surprisingly elegant and modern effect.

Oprawa RING © LARS

RING luminaire



RING is a circular LED l uminaire that comes in several sizes with the possibility of creating a cross-over effect, such as by suspending one luminaire under another or diagonally. There are countless possible arrangements for all those for whom rectangular fixtures seem too obvious and are looking for a more subtle form.


HEXAGON is an inspiration drawn directly from sweet honeycombs. This shape, familiar from nature, has become the hallmark of an exceptionally shapely lighting, which functions equally well as a single luminaire or in a group to create a lighting slice effect. An interesting fact is that the slice effect looks equally good on ceilings and walls of rooms.

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