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LARS. Modern LED lighting for any room

03 of December '21

LARS is a Polish brand with an established reputation in the lighting industry, which for more than 25 years has been working with many partners around the world to create high-quality lighting. Their realizations and products can be admired from London to New Zealand. LARS' modern LED lighting is designed for any type of room, from offices to commercial spaces, as well as apartments.

SHADOWLINE - LED aluminum profile

Shadowline is a line of aluminum profiles with LED aperture in black. It is ideal for clubs, theaters, dark spaces where you want to hide backlighting, but not light. Made of polycarbonate, the shade has a very high resistance to mechanical damage, and the use of 120LED/m provides linearity of light in any color.

Shadowline dodaje akcentu
ciemnym przestrzeniom

Shadowline adds an accent to dark spaces


RING AND HEXAGON - Geometric luminaires.

Modern LED lighting with a geometric shape allows you to create different light patterns on the ceiling or wall. Hexagon and Ring luminaires with optional function of changing color temperature, and dimming capabilities will help to adjust the intensity of light to fully match the interior and create a unique atmosphere. The lamp can be used as main lighting or decorative lighting.

Kilka Hexagonów łączy się
w instalację ścienną lub sufitową

Several Hexagons are combined to form a wall or ceiling installation


LARSA - Ceiling profiles

LARSA is a modern lighting system with LED technology for use in offices, apartments, commercial premises. The minimalist l uminaire remains invisible until the light is switched on. Many patterns can be arranged from LARSA luminaires to suit your needs and at the same time ensure the highest comfort and electricity savings.

Energooszczędna LARSA dbao dobre doświetlenie biur PL:

The energy-efficient LARSA ensures that offices are well lit


LedNeon - Linear lighting

Led light wire using technology of the possibility of glowing in a variety of colors. Excellent decorative solution for various spaces. The increased volume of the wire allows, with a supply voltage of 24 volts, to create unforgettable illuminations.

Elastyczny LedNeon kreśli
niespotykane kształty

Flexible LedNeon creates unprecedented shapes


Customized designs

A different shape? An interesting pattern? An unusual size? Do you have an idea for a light fixture? We will design it and realize it!

For more information, visit the company's LARS page on the PdA portal.

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