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EasyClean by Prevex - washbasin trap cleaned from the top

03 of December '21

When designing, you need to constantly keep your hand on the pulse and keep checking the market offerings. From the general to the detail - it is worth knowing the available modern solutions. After all, this is what those for whom we are creating their dream space expect from us.

Solutions for the time

Here's a surprise for those who thought that some things won't change and won't surprise us anymore! Just such a sink trap. All we had to do was to understand the needs of users and add technical thought to it, and the EasyClean by Prevex was created - a top-cleaning siphon. 20 seconds and done! Without untwisting elbows and eternally mismatched gaskets, but with the highest hygiene. A Finnish patent that changed the face of siphons forever. A must-have product in public places, hospitals, hotels, schools and in every home.

Czyszczenie od góry – w 20 sekund!

Cleaning from the top - in 20 seconds!


A level up

If, when designing an interior, we focus on glamour style - do not lose sight of it even in the details. For example, in large bathrooms, where the console-mounted washbasin also serves as a decorative element and is completely exposed, its ideal complement will be a stylish brass EasyClean Premium siphon from a limited series! Only with it all the pieces of the bathroom puzzle will be in place!

EasyClean Premium

EasyClean Premium


Functionality in space

The space we have defines the solutions we choose. Often the small one requires double creativity. To make use of every available centimeter under the sink in the bathroom, you can use the space-saving Preloc siphon. Mounted on the wall, for example, it will allow the use of deeper drawers without cutouts or a more ergonomic arrangement of what is under the sink. It will also be indispensable for very small sink cabinets used in toilets.

Preloc oszczędzający miejsce – mistrz ergonomii!

Space-saving Preloc - the master of ergonomics!


An eye for detail

Color requires precision in the smallest details. The faucet - click-clack - overflow cap now can form a single, visually cohesive unit. In gloss or matte, from black and white through oxide, copper to various shades of gold. Prevex's range of colorful finishes for siphons opens the field to new, eye-pleasing realizations.

Teraz bateria, zaślepka i korek mogą być w jednym kolorze

Now faucet, cap and stopper can be in one color


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For more information, visit the company's PREVEX Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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