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A new look at doors

25 of November '22

When arranging an interior, each of us is looking for original, original solutions that would increase the comfort of the space, and at the same time be aesthetic and elegant. One such issue is the door. It is worth analyzing where to use doors that open traditionally, and where sliding doors retracted into the wall will work better. An expert in this subject is the manufacturer of sliding doors retracted into the wall and swinging doors hidden company ECLISSE POLSKA.

Kolekcja drzwi aluminiowo-szklane

Collection of aluminum and glass doors


ECLISSE has more than a dozen proposals related to interior doors in its product range. For several decades, the company's experts have been developing solutions to increase the comfort of the door, while responding to the search for new trends in interior design.

Kolekcja Syntesis Line

Syntesis Line collection


A wide range of sliding doors retracted into the wall allows you to freely choose the model that will suit the requirements of the room. Among the products we can find sliding doors that can be the main aspect of the interior design, such as double doors, telescopic doors, or semi-circular doors, but also those that are more discreet - single-wing doors - will work well in smaller rooms (bathrooms, dressing rooms, pantries, storage rooms). Another of the selection criteria can be the type of space arrangement. Thus, for classic rooms, ECLISSE will offer doors in a frame cassette - it requires the installation of wooden frames and masking strips, and for modern, minimalist rooms - the SYNTESIS® LINE range - frameless doors.

Kolekcja drzwi ukryte

Concealed door collection


If you don't decide on sliding doors, but are looking for a non-standard solution, a proposal from ECLISSE is hidden swinging doors - flush with the wall. Making the door in the color of the wall guarantees their almost complete integration. The door becomes invisible.

A complete novelty on the market is the swinging door ECLISSE 40. The product exposes the frame: the frame emerges from the wall, creating a discreet but visible decoration. The inclination of the frame elements at an angle of 40 degrees gives the wall an impression of depth.

Kolekcja Luce

Luce collection


All ECLISSE products can be customized to meet individual needs. They are developed to eliminate the problems that may arise during the construction or adaptation of rooms. The staff of technologists and technicians always keeps in mind the comfort and trouble-free use of doors for many years. For years ECLISSE has been synonymous with modernity and high-end products. It focuses on quality, ease of installation and elegance.

For more information, visit the company's ECLISSE POLSKA page on the PdA portal.

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