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Oltens - bathroom collections that inspire

03 of December '21

Oltens - bathroom collections that inspire

Following the idea of Pure Bathroom, the brand OLTENS makes it possible to easily and quickly create a bathroom in which the user feels special. Each series of products of the brand, can be a ready-made concept, in which you can find everything you need to furnish your bathroom. Thanks to the perfectly matched design and design, designing a bathroom with the Oltens brand is pure pleasure and a guarantee of an individually tailored interior for the user.

kolekcja GULFOSS

GULFOSS collection


Origins of the brand

The Oltens brand originates from the Scandinavian style and refers to tranquility and harmony with its products. The offer is distinguished by an original form and minimalist, but thoughtful in every detail design. The manufacturer emphasizes that the inspiration for the creation of the brand's products was nature and the world around us. When designing his collections, which not without reason bear the names of three extremely beautiful and energizing waterfalls - Jog, Vernal and Gulfoss, he wanted to make it possible to create a practical, simple and quick bathroom. How? Oltens brand is systemic solutions that allow you to easily create a modern and functional space.

kolekcja VERNAL

VERNAL collection


Jog collection - sensible patents and aesthetic finish

The Jog bathroom collection is a combination of practical yet economical system solutions for the bathroom. Products from this collection are also characterized by a light and timeless design. The simple geometric shapes of the washbasins perfectly harmonize with toilet bowls with subtle and simple lines and chic fittings. To make the interior of the Jog version even more light and cozy, the manufacturer used washbasin cabinets without a visible supporting structure. Their shades perfectly match the other ceramic elements and faucets. The high-gloss finish will emphasize the modern style of the bathroom.


JOG collection


Vernal collection - a fresh look at simple solutions that will transform your bathroom

Vernalcollection - pure form, minimalism, ensuring comfort - these are the main characteristics of this extremely beautiful collection. The rounded shapes of the mixers perfectly harmonize with the delicate, straight lines of the ceramics and bathroom cabinets. The whiteness of the latter creates a harmonious whole with shiny chrome surfaces. Everything in this case fits together. The cabinet forms a harmonious whole with the sink. The toilet bowl and bidet perfectly match each other in shape. The faucets are based on the same lines and angles. Nothing here is a coincidence!

Black Series

Black Series


Gulfoss collection - a harmonious combination of beauty and comfort in your bathroom

The Gulfoss collection is characterized by its rounded edges and simple form. Designing a bathroom with the Gulfoss collection will be a pleasure - no insinuations, compromises or disappointments. It is worth adding a few more words about Gulfoss furniture itself. Elegant under-basin cabinets with a design characteristic of the collection complement the surfaces of washbasins and faucets that shine like a sheet of water. The possibility of placing countertop washbasins and simple, discreet handles are a nod to the latest trends in interior design.

wanna STORA

STORA bathtub


Hamnes collection - timeless design that will add character to your bathroom

Minimalism, functionality, comfort and light Scandinavian design - these are just a few criteria that distinguish the individual elements of the Hamnes collection. Inspired by nature, the gently rounded edges of the washbasins harmonize perfectly with the straight lines and slender finish of the toilet bowls. The Hamnes collection will add character to any bathroom, regardless of its style or square footage. Each of its elements is a combination of modern design and functionality. The technologies used will help keep the interior impeccably clean and reduce the use of water and detergents.

kolekcja HAMNES

HAMNES collection


Fittings for lovers of the combination of beauty and ergonomics

The Oltens brand offers a really wide range of bathroom faucets. The Molle series, which includes both standing, exposed and concealed solutions, is distinguished by its modern and simple shape. In addition to faucets in a classic chrome finish (thanks to the DoubleChrome coating used, these elements will be resistant to dirt and tarnishing, and their shine will please the eye for years), you can also find proposals in the noble color of gold and intriguing black. The Molle series offer also includes concealed shower sets.
Equally beautiful faucets are the Gota series. This mixer is distinguished by its raw, minimalist, but interesting design. The brand's offer includes floorstanding, exposed and concealed models in both chrome and black. The latter deserves to be highlighted, as it works well in loft, industrial and minimalist projects. It forms a perfect duet with concrete, brick or wood.

Łazienki Oltens

Oltens Bathrooms


Free-standing bathtubs - your own home spa

Freestanding bathtubs allow you to create a beautiful interior in line with current trends. This is a great option for large spaces, where the bathtub does not take up most of the space, but also not only. Oltens brand assortment includes models of free-standing bathtubs that are sure to delight. Each series differs significantly from each other, but this is what makes them unique. Some of them are oval-shaped, others rectangular or wall-mounted. This allows you to match them with the other elements in the room. Oltens freestanding bathtubs are made of high-quality white sanitary acrylic, thanks to which using them is comfortable, hassle-free, and also the cleaning of the bathtubs itself does not cause the slightest trouble.

With the Oltens brand you will turn your bathroom into your favorite room! Feel the power of nature!

For more information, visit the company's OLTENS page on PdA.

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