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Oltens - comprehensive solutions and modern design

27 of November '22

Comprehensive solutions and modern design

Bathroom collections from the OLTENS brand allow you to quickly, easily and systemically create a comfortable and design-coherent interior. Offering dozens of pure bathroom style solutions and flexibly configurable products, it combines modern solutions with interesting design to arrange the bathroom of your dreams.

The OLTENS brand focuses on the so-called multi-faceted systemicity of its collections. The customer, making a single purchasing decision, will gain ceramics, fixtures, as well as furniture and installation elements matching his preferences for each room.

Zestaw prysznicowy podtynkowy Molle

Molle concealed shower set


Design and style for everyone

In every detail, even the smallest, the collections of the OLTENS brand are distinguished by their minimalist form and light Scandinavian design. In the manufacturer's portfolio, customers will find furnishings not only in classic white or chrome finish, but also in noble gold and deep black. These lines are sure to add character to any bathroom. They are also suitable for many design styles, from Scandinavian and minimalist designs to classic and industrial.

Design consistency is not the only advantage of Oltens solutions. Products from individual collections and series work together, giving the guarantee that behind a single choice of a group of products there is a common and high standard. The OLTENS brand also places a strong emphasis on the practical aspect of using its products.

Wanna wolnostojąca Ebba/ bateria wannowa wolnostojąca Molle

Ebba free-standing bathtub/ Molle free-standing bathtub faucet


Multifaceted systemicity

A comprehensively and systemically equipped bathroom meets not only stylistic requirements, but is also economical and pro-environmental. Brand OLTENS is well aware of this, which is why it has equipped its faucets with a system that allows you to control the flow of water. On an annual basis, this allows for considerable savings. In addition, Oltens shower sets have a thermostatic faucet with the ThermoProtect® system, which, for the safety of bathroom users, prevents the faucet from heating up.

Miska Hamnes / szafka Hedvig / bateria umywalkowa podtynkowa Molle / zestaw prysznicowy podtynkowy Molle

Hamnes bowl / Hedvig cabinet / Molle concealed washbasin faucet / Molle concealed shower set.


To make it easier for customers to use and thus clean the bathroom on a daily basis, the ceramics OLTENS have been coated with a special coating - SmartClean®, which makes it easy to clean and prevents dirt buildup. Customers will also find it easy to keep their rimless toilet bowls and toilet seats impeccably clean with the ClickClean® system. It allows you to quickly remove the seat at the touch of a button.

Umywalka Forde/bateria umywalkowa Molle

Forde washbasin / Molle basin mixer


Also noteworthy is the fact that all rain showers and showerheads OLTENS are equipped with silicone tabs, which allow to efficiently remove limescale, ensuring the so-called PureFlow® effect, i.e. the same jet power in each nozzle.

Thus, the brand's engineers have ensured that Oltens bathroom collections are distinguished by both design and quality, which will allow you to use them for years.

For more information, visit the company's OLTENS page on the PdA portal.

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