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Our light creates your space

12 of November '23

In the world of design, light isn't just an accessory - it's a key element that defines and highlights every line of your design. Don't let a haphazard lighting choice ruin your vision. Choose HSK Ledy - experts who understand the power of light.

Rzeźba świetlna i oświetlenie ogólne: Salon Mercedes-Benz w Bielsku Białej

Light sculpture and general lighting: Mercedes-Benz showroom in Bielsko-Biala

© HSK Ledy

Partnership with Architects: Together we strive for perfection

For more than a decade, we have been working with architects and investors to work together to create spaces where light plays first fiddle. Our projects are aesthetics and functionality of beautifully lit interiors and outdoor illuminations.

Projects and consulting

We make lighting calculations and verify compliance with applicable standards. We also provide technical support to contractors and architects at all stages of the work.

Showroom Fabryki mebli Antrax

Antrax Furniture Factory showroom

© HSK Ledy

Custom lighting

If you can't find lamps on the market that meet your expectations, our manufacturing plant in Krakow performs unusual designs in short series. We can customize both the parameters of the light - color, intensity or angle of illumination, as well as the shape and color of the housings.

Oświetlenie kładki pieszo-rowerowej, Kraków

Lighting of pedestrian and bicycle footbridge, Krakow

© HSK Ledy

Our specialties:

  • Display lighting for museums and stores.
    Track spotlights with high CRI color rendering index and a selectable spectrum dedicated to various retail industries. Lens optics allow you to adjust the illumination angle and smooth dimming, and even manually frame the shape of the light spot.
  • High-quality general lighting: panels, downlights, lines of any length and shape. Perfect for public buildings, hotels, offices, universities and schools. Made with attention to the quality of light emitted, aesthetics and functionality.
  • Dual-purpose lighting
    Luminaires with built-in emergency power supply approved by CNBOP. They allow to maintain minimalist aesthetics of ceilings (without additional emergency lighting points) while meeting all standards.
  • Specialized lighting for medicine
  • LED luminaires with parameters ideal for medicine and cosmetology. They are certified by the PZH for rooms with increased hygienic requirements of class S1, S2, S3, S4 (cleanroom).
  • Outdoor lighting for road architectural objects such as pedestrian and bicycle bridges, underpasses and platforms. Easy to install, reliable and safe.

Panele świetlne w oprawie z czarnego dębu – Harmonica House, Kraków

Light panels in black oak fixture - Harmonica House, Cracow, Poland.

© HSK Ledy

Your project deserves good lighting.

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