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Paulina Borysik - "Art Corner".

01 of March '21
Technical data
Type: master's thesis
Year of defense: 2019
Name: "Art Bend".
Author: Paulina Borysik
Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk
Prof. Academy of Fine Arts, Dr. Jan Sikora

The Stogi district in Gdansk is of particular interest in the analytical process - both historically and functionally and spatially. Many development-friendly features, such as - location, tourist qualities and accessibility, should guarantee the socio-economic and image success of the district. Unfortunately, despite its promising potentials, the area faces many problems and an unflattering reputation circulates about it.

Zakole Sztuki budynek

Zakole Sztuki is an incubator of culture and art

© Paulina Borysik

The adaptation of a post-industrial former bakery building located in the southern part of the district is an opportunity to improve the quality of life of the local community. The planned arts and culture inc ubator creates favorable conditions for the development of the degraded area. The reorganization of unused spaces, the concept of interiors and areas around the building are to provide a new quality, freshness and prestige to the place. The aesthetics of the proposed spaces fit into the context of the industrial character of the building - post-industrial interiors have a unique atmosphere, which is worth exhibiting and giving them new value.

Znak Zakole Sztuki Różowa droga prowadzi do

A path in a characteristic shade of pink leads to the building

© Paulina Borysik

sign in space

The proposed sign in the urban space is intended to inform about the nearby Zakole Sztuki facility. The informational sign is a signpost, a landmark in the city space and an incentive to visit the place. The inscription "Zakole Sztuki" attracts attention, and the photovoltaic panels placed on it produce the energy needed to generate the light it emits during the evening hours.

Droga do Zakola
i komunikacja

Communication in the area of the Art Bend

© Paulina Borysik

The road to Zako

The chosen color reinforces the individual and coherent image of Zakola Sztuki and creates a strong graphic signal in the environment of a neglected neighborhood. When choosing the color for the identification of the entire establishment, the decisive aspects concerned the stimulation of the viewer's senses. Thisshade of pink is synonymous with passion and desire, it is the color of happiness and hope. In addition, the designed path contains luminophores. The material from which it is made gives off energy for about ten hours, and this phenomenon is called luminescence.

Wnętrze restauracji
i kawiarni

The interior of the catering section

© Paulina Borysik

restaurant with cafe

The introduction of a new function - a restaurant with a café - is a response to the needs of residents and current users of the building. The zone is intended to foster social integration, being a place to meet and eat meals together.

Art gallery with entertainment room

The idea is to preserve the current function of the gallery in the building, enriching it with additional space and new functional possibilities. A deliberate measure is to separate an additional exhibition platform on the mezzanine. The multi-level arrangement of the gallery provides the opportunity to view art from different perspectives. The entertainment hall intermingles with the gallery zone. This zone, depending on the needs of the users, can serve different functions. There is a stage with a sound system and a platform that provides observation of the stage from a further distance. This space allows the organization of various cultural events, for example, concerts, plays, lectures, dance workshops, poetry meetings.

Wnętrze galerii

The galleries can be arranged on multiple levels

© Paulina Borysik

Workplaces, art studios, gift store

In order to preserve the identity of the place and realize the conditions set by the building's owners, it is necessary to retain the existing functions of the building, including art studios. With the new workspaces, residents will have the opportunity to develop their passions, which can be linked to earning an income. The proposed new spaces, are six workstations with modular cube shapes. Users can decide for themselves how to arrange these zones. Artists, craftsmen, as well as creative individuals with an idea for their own enterprise can develop their activities here. The space allows freedom of expression for individuals as well as collective action.

Pracownie dla artystów

art studios

© Paulina Borysik

We expect more from a place of work, rest and education than just functionality and aesthetics. An organizational culture that gives users a sense of satisfaction and motivation plays an important role. This collaborative approach is good not only for individuals, but also for the community as a whole. The Art Bend is built by people who are happy, sensitive to culture and art, satisfied and proud of where and how they live.

The diploma is published as part of the Best Diploma - Interiors competition.

Paulina Borysik

© Author

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