Is the Aquarea High Performance All in One Compact the best air to water heat pump?

Is the Aquarea High Performance All in One Compact the best air-to-water heat pump?

That depends on exactly what the investor needs. But it is certainly one of the few on the market, if not the only heat pump for the home that combines such high performance and energy efficiency with outstanding aesthetics and comfort. Hence the statement "Aquarea All in One Compact. Thebeauty of comfort and superior performance."

All in One Compact models - (super) compact in size and space saving

Above all, thenew All in One Compact heat pumps are designed for maximum space saving. At just 598 × 600 mm, they take up as much space as standard household appliances like a washing machine or refrigerator. This makes having a special technical room or boiler room that takes up extra space in the house virtually unnecessary. This is undoubtedly a big advantage over other heat pumps, not to mention traditional boilers. If we add to this high aesthetics and design, it turns out that we can safely place it next to the previously mentioned refrigerator or washing machine without compromising the appearance of the interior of our house.

Aquarea High Performance All in One Compact

Aquarea High Performance All in One Compact in the kitchen

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Where and how to use Aquarea All in One Compact heat pumps?

The described heat pumps have practically no restrictions when it comes to and place of installation. They can be used in new buildings, passive and low-energy houses, as well as when modernizing and replacing an old boiler with a heat pump. They have a wide range of applications: heating, cooling and DHW heating. They work with radiators, fan coil units and surface heating (underfloor heating). They will perform perfectly where high performance and energy efficiency are important. A wide selection of power of air-water heat pumps (from 3 kW to 16 kW) makes them suitable for use in both small houses, such up to 120 m2, and medium-sized houses with an area of 140 m2 - 180 m2, or larger ones over 200 m2

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Aquarea High Performance All in One Compact

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What kind of efficiency and SCOP? Which type of heat pump to choose: High Performance or T-CAP?

All in One Compact heat pumps are available in two variants: High Performance All in One Compact and T-CAP All in One Compact. Both feature high performance, which is most often described by the COP. For the investor, however, it will be more important to have the SCOP coefficient (seasonal energy efficiency), which is a similar parameter, but referring to the performance over the entire heating season (because that is ultimately of interest to the user), and not to the instantaneous performance like the COP. In the case of the heat pump described here, SCOP reaches as high as 5.07 (temperate climate (W 35°C)). This is one of the highest parameters among air heat pumps. In simple terms, the High Performance series are heat pumps designed mainly for new installations, passive or energy-efficient buildings. Virtually the highest performance in its class.The T-CAP series, on the other hand, is a heat pump technology that performs well in extremely low outdoor temperatures as low as - 8°C and provides consistent heating performance of the pump down to -20°C. It is also worth noting that the Panasonic brand is recognized for its high-quality, reliable compressors, which are the "heart" of the heat pump. 100% Japanese technology.

Pompy ciepła All in

All in One heat pumps

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Available models and capacities of the Aquarea All in One Compact heat pump

The range of All in One Compact models is very wide and includes a total of 8 models differing in generation and power. So, undoubtedly, any interested investor will find the best heat pump for their home. The range includes 8 heat pump models with different capacities: from 3 kW to 16 kW, both High Performance series and T-CAP, generation J and H. So this gives you the opportunity to match the heat pump to virtually any project, for homes with different energy standards.

Something that sets Aquarea heat pumps apart: a cloud-based solution for remote control and service - Aquarea Smart Cloud and Service Cloud.

Today, in an era when everyone has a smartphone or even two, when we have access to various applications, online banking, the ability to remotely control heat pump settings should be standard. Is this really the case? In the case of Aquarea heat pumps, yes. What's more, Aquarea is setting a new standard in which both remote control of the heat pump by the user and remote service and diagnostics of the heat pump by the installer are possible.

Aquarea Smart Cloud - simple yet advanced energy management for the individual user

Aquarea Smart Cloud is much more than a simple thermostat for turning the heating on and off. It is a powerful and intuitive tool for remote control of all functions related to heating and DHW preparation, including the function of monitoring energy consumption. A special module (CZ-TAW1) makes it possible to connect the Aquarea heat pump to the cloud via a Wi-Fi router or wired LAN, allowing both end-user control of the installation and remote servicing by Panasonic partners.

For more information, visit the company's Panasonic page on thePdD portal.

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