Matrix recuperation unit - more than heat recovery

Air pollution returns every year with the heating season, and remains a year-round problem for those living along busy thoroughfares. How to protect against it? Central recuperation with air filtration may be the solution.

Why do we need protection from smog?

Many people are unaware of the scale of the dangers posed by air pollution. Scientific studies confirm that smog leads to lung disease, respiratory and circulatory failure, strokes and heart attacks, among others. Problems that are exacerbated during high pollution also include asthma, allergies and skin diseases, type two diabetes and insulin resistance.

As many as 40,000 people in Poland and as many as 5.5 million people worldwide die prematurely due to pollution. This problem doesn't just end at your doorstep. Smog must also be fought inside. How to deal with this problem of smog and contaminated air? We can use the Fenix recuperation unit by Berlűf.

SPA — najskuteczniejszy nawilżacz powietrza

SPA - the most effective air humidifier


Filters that protect your health!

How does Fenix protect users from polluted air? With the help of up to six levels of filtration, which are designed for different types of pollution. The levels are divided into:

  • Pre-filter - which removes dust, dust mites, plant plaques or basic pollutants.

  • Carbon filter - reducing mold spores, smoke, odors and chemicals.

  • Ozonator - eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold.

  • Polyester Fleece - preventing viruses, bacteria and pathogens from entering.

  • UV lamp - lethal to viruses and microorganisms.

  • Hepa H13 filter - reducing smog and particulate matter.

Fenix — Najlepsza centrala rekuperacyjna na świecie

Fenix - the best recuperation unit in the world.


How does the recuperation unit work?

Fenix recuperation air handling unit also offers completely different advantages that guarantee the highest quality products. Heat recovery from recuperation reaches up to 98 percent! This model uses three cross-flow and counterflow heat exchangers with a total heat exchange surface of just under 25 sq. m. - This is the best result in this class of products!

The system has built-in three energy-saving EC motors, which helps reduce electricity consumption. Fenix is surrounded by up to double thermal insulation and, in addition, operates in a very quiet way. Completely silent operation allows the unit to be placed even in living spaces. The products are also designed so that they can be installed in as many as three positions. Fenix recuperation units come in two capacities: 450 m³ or 750 m³.

Safety is paramount

Safety is also among its many advantages. Fenix has a built-in CO and CO² sensor. The unit thus regulates oxygen levels - preventing life-threatening concentrations from being exceeded.

In the rare event that the Fenix recuperation unit breaks down - the warranty is available for eight years, indicating a long period of stress-free use. We do not have to be afraid of freezing equipment, for Fenix has a double anti-freeze system. In extreme cases, it is supported by a 300-watt inverter heater.
The stainless steel version with hygienic approval is designed for rooms with increased sterility. In addition, the absolute by-pass guarantees maximum use for cooling air in summer.

Milano — centrala rekuperacyjna

Milano - recuperation unit


Betting on automation

There is no shortage of technical solutions that make life easier. Fenix has extensive automation that supports all the peripherals that can be used in the installation. It also has a Wi-Fi module that allows you to control the control panel via apps, no matter how far away you are. The control panel has an intuitive PLUM touch panel to control the equipment. PLUM is appreciated by users.

If you are looking for recuperation systems that will provide you with air protection, long service life, as well as safety - choose Fenix, which is available in two color versions.

What does Fenix offer?

It is worth summarizing all the advantages offered by the Fenix Recuperation Unit, which is offered in two performance variants.

  • Highest heat recovery rate of up to 98%!

  • 3 energy-efficient EC DC motors.

  • Longest eight-year heat warranty.

  • The quietest system.

  • Double thermal insulation.

  • Complete safety provided by CO and CO² sensor.

  • Intuitive PLUM touch panel.

  • The most extensive automation with Wi-Fi.

  • Double anti-freeze system.

  • Patented 3-in-1 system allows installation in three positions: standing, lying and suspended.

  • Possibility of sterile stainless steel both.

  • By-pass absolute.

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