Countertop or furniture washbasin - which will be more practical?

Until recently, the bathroom sink was a practical piece of furniture that was supposed to perform its function and not be conspicuous. Recently, however, washbasins are coming out of the shadows and becoming the real stars of modern bathrooms. Designers of bathroom ceramics offer customers increasingly bolder forms and shapes. Among the many possibilities, however, the most important choice remains the basic one: countertop or furniture washbasin? Each variant has its own advantages, which you need to know about when designing a functional and cohesive bathroom.

Countertop and countertop washbasins - basic differences.

There is no denying that it is countertop washbasins that have been making a dizzying career lately and have become a hit in modern bathrooms. Especially those in a slightly more daring style. A beautiful washbasin that catches the eye is something new and original, an element that gives character to the entire interior.

Countertop washbasins have several points of advantage over built-in models:

  • they have a variety of forms, which are not limited by the size or shape of the bathroom cabinet,

  • they can be made not only of classic ceramics, but also of tempered glass, stone, marble, and even stainless steel or wood,

  • they can be made in a whole range of colors, departing from the standard bathroom white.

While countertop washbasins are tempting in appearance and the vastness of their options, their built-in competitors are quietly affordable. Furniture washbasins have not lost their popularity and are still a popular choice for minimalist bathrooms where stylish functionality is important. Their strength is their ability to withstand harsh conditions and mechanical damage. You have to admit that it is extremely difficult to break or crush a bowl almost completely hidden under the countertop. Such a piece of furniture is also easier to keep clean, especially if hard water forces you to constantly fight against stony deposits.

It might seem that the decision on a bathroom sink is a choice between designer looks and functionality. However, it is definitely not that simple. Each bathroom has a slightly different role, and it should be designed for the convenience of users. Find out how to do it!

Piękna, wyeksponowana umywalka to ważny element nowoczesnej łazienki. Taki model przyciąga wzrok i nadaje charakter całemu wnętrzu

A beautiful, exposed washbasin is an important element of a modern bathroom. Such a model attracts the eye and gives character to the whole interior

Photo: Sanibell BV © Unsplash

What kind of washbasin will work in a family bathroom?

There is a lot going on around such a sink! Teeth cleaning, morning toilet, shaving, combing, makeup, multiple hand washing throughout the day... And in addition, space for handy cosmetics and accessibility for even the youngest family members is important. The sink in a bathroom used by many household members must, above all, be practical and designed for years of intensive use.

What model will work best?

  • look for a large washbasin with a width of at least 60 cm - here the advantage is in the form of basins recessed into the countertop,

  • bet on a piece of furniture that is easy to clean, as simple as possible, made of smooth, enameled ceramic - another point for built-in washbasins,

  • plan space for toiletries: both types of basins can be set on wide bathroom cabinets or a worktop,

  • if you opt for a basin built into a cabinet, remember that its bowl will take up part of the drawer intended for cosmetics and accessories,

  • you need to know that a built-in washbasin is safer for children and more difficult to damage mechanically.

It turns out that the choice is not so obvious at all! However, if you are designing a family bathroom, consider the advantage of furniture washbasins, which perform very well in intensive use.

You can also consider installing two twin basins on the surface of one countertop. A double washbasin is a more expensive solution and requires more space. However, it will work well in a family or marital bathroom, organizing its space. This type of washbasin can be installed as two separate bowls, or a wide double sink recessed into the countertop.

Wokół umywalki w rodzinnej łazience zawsze dużo się dzieje! Ważna jest również przestrzeń dla podręcznych kosmetyków i innych akcesoriów

There is always a lot going on around the sink in a family bathroom! Space for handy cosmetics and other accessories is also important.

Photo: Kindel Media © Pexels

Sink for a small guest bathroom

Perhaps you have a small bathroom or toilet at home that you use occasionally. Such a room often serves an additional function, but a practical washbasin is a necessary accessory.

A guest bathroom or toilet poses a completely different challenge to designers: it is less frequently used, but usually much smaller than the main bathroom in the house. The sink in such a room will have reduced dimensions, but it must remain functional and comfortable.

In such a bathroom, a small countertop bowl set on a cabinet will be perfect, where you can store all the necessary accessories. The advantages of such a solution? When designing a guest bathroom, you have more freedom - this is an additional room. So you can decide on an extravagant model of washbasin, which would not work in a family bathroom. In addition, in a small bathroom you struggle for storage space. A countertop washbasin allows you to make the most of the cabinet on which it stands - the perfect place for a supply of toilet paper and cleaning products.

Built-in washbasin - how to match it with other furniture in the bathroom?

Furniture washbasins already by definition must match the cabinets or countertops on which they are set. A popular solution is to buy a set that includes a cabinet and a perfectly matched basin bowl. Large furniture stores offer many ready-made products of this type. If you augment such a set with a wall cabinet or a pillar, you will get a coherent set of bathroom furniture.

Do you need a more individual solution? You can first choose a washbasin, and then have a carpenter design the cabinet that will be its enclosure. In some bathrooms, an entire wall or corner of the room can be built in this way, creating an enclosed storage space.

A sink built into a cabinet top is a stylish and safe choice for minimalist bathrooms. It will work well where you want as many smooth surfaces as possible and hide what you want to be invisible to the eyes.

Umywalka wbudowana w blat jest stylowym i bezpiecznym rozwiązaniem, stosowanym w minimalistycznych łazienkach. Sprawdzi się wszędzie tam, gdzie priorytetem jest porządek i prostota

A sink built into the countertop is a stylish and safe choice for minimalist bathrooms. It will work well wherever order and simplicity are a priority.

Photo: Quark Studio © Pexels

What to mount a countertop washbasin on?

"Countertop" is basically a conventional term and can mean any surface on which it is possible to install a washbasin. In many bathrooms, a stone, marble or wooden slab, attached to the wall, works perfectly. However, you need to think about how to organize the space underneath - keep in mind the drain pipes, which will remain visible with such a solution. In some bathrooms this can be a measured effect, but most of us prefer to keep plumbing components hidden.

Countertop sinks are often mounted on retro-style wooden furniture, creating stylish combinations. Their big advantage is that they don't have to be perfectly matched to the cabinets on which they stand.

If you have a selected cabinet that will carry a washbasin in your bathroom, keep in mind a few practical considerations:

  • it is often necessary to cut an additional hole for the faucet, which in the case of countertop basins is most often installed separately,

  • make sure that the piece of furniture is adequately protected against moisture and splashing water, especially if it is not a typical bathroom cabinet,

  • remember the proper height of installation - the washbasin can protrude up to several tens of centimeters above the countertop, this will not be convenient for everyone.

Countertop washbasins require a little more thought, but they will repay you with a great end result. If your dream bathroom is to be dominated by retro style in a modern version - be sure to opt for this model.

Jeśli w Twojej wymarzonej łazience ma dominować styl retro, idealnym rozwiązaniem będzie umywalka nablatowa. Ten model wymaga przemyślanego montażu, jednak odwdzięczy się wspaniałym efektem końcowym

If your dream bathroom is to be dominated by a retro style, the ideal solution will be a countertop washbasin. This model requires thoughtful installation, but it will repay you with a wonderful end result.

Photo: Joey Galang © Pexels

Remember that a practical washbasin is a product that is skillfully matched with other furniture in the bathroom and serves users well. Choose a washbasin that is in line with your sense of aesthetics, but keep in mind that it should allow for daily hygiene in an easy and hassle-free manner.

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