Home office - we create a space for effective work at home

How to create the perfect home office?

As the experts at Fabryka Mebli BALMA SA write, "When creating furniture, we meet the needs of users. We want to share our inspirations and solutions. This time we suggest what furniture to choose for home office and how to integrate it into the interior of the apartment."

Balma STEPPS: regał z biurkiem, ścianka wolnostojąca ETUM

Balma STEPPS: bookcase with desk, freestanding wall ETUM


Living room as a commanding space

The living room or simply the living room often brings the whole family together for a meal or watching TV. If you don't have an extra room, but a separate place to work is necessary, Balma STEPPS bookcases with a desk will help. They create a separate space, the bookcases can be used from two sides, and all the things you need for work can be set on the shelves of the bookcase, using a variety of organizers and boxes.

Balma - Przestrzeń do efektywnej pracy w domu Przestrzeń do efektywnej pracy w domu

BALMA height-adjustable desks


A desk is the basis

We recommend height-adjustable desks, the height of which can be adjusted to our needs and convenience. The adjustment will also allow other household members, such as children, to work. Sitting and standing work also has a significant impact on our health, mobilizing us to move when we sit too long in front of a computer monitor. It is worth paying attention to the size of the tabletop, which should be adjusted to the type of work - the smallest tabletop can be as wide as 80 cm, the largest even 180 cm.

If you only need a laptop, boldly choose a smaller top,
if you need to have important documents and an additional monitor at hand, a larger one will come in handy

Balma S4: biurko z elektryczną regulacją wysokości Balma PLUS: biurko z elektryczną regulacją wysokości

Desks with electric height adjustment - Balma S4 and Balma PLUS


The last thing we often forget about is "cable management". This solution will allow us to run cables in cable channels, mounted directly to the tabletop. This way, the tangle of cables and wires we see under the desk will no longer be our bane.

The result: order and aesthetics in the workplace.

Regał Balma STEPPS, kontener K2

Balma STEPPS bookcase, K2 pedestal


Essential accessories

First of all, ergonomics, i.e. a chair that supports proper posture. With the possibility of adjusting the height and angle of support for the hands, rotating, preferably light and stable. Keep this in mind when buying a chair for desk work.

K2 pedestals, a convenient place to store all documents and work accessories. The version on wheels will allow you to change their position in any way you want. The pedestal with a matching cushion will become an additional seat.

Screens and walls that will provide acoustic comfort and a little privacy. Most importantly, they separate the workspace. They are mobile and lightweight, so they can be conveniently moved to any place. ETUM screens and walls are perfect for this!

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