A home office to suit your needs

The place where we work and live at the same time must be unique on the one hand, and on the other hand must meet our needs. This is a challenge for anyone who is in the process of arranging their space. We suggest what to pay attention to when creating your home office.

A desk that supports our health

Good mental and physical condition is extremely important, so there are no exceptional circumstances in taking care of our health. Desks with electric height adjustment support a healthy work style. Sitting and standing work improves the functioning of the body, increases productivity, arouses creativity, and also reduces the risk of diseases of civilization, reduces feelings of fatigue and stress. This is a solution we recommend whether you work from the office or from home.

Biurko z elektryczną regulacją wysokości Sit & stand

Sit & stand desk with electric height adjustment


Space for storing and displaying items

The amount of books and gadgets in our homes can often be large, when you add work-related documents to the mix, it gets really big. The key to success and keeping things in order is to store things in the right way. Here it is worth getting furniture that will help maintain such order, such as dressers or bookcases. This is universal furniture that can adapt to any organizational needs of the user. Stepps bookcases and dressers come to the rescue, which are designed to store items, documents, notes and books, keeping things visually tidy and clear of mind.

Komoda Stepps

Stepps dresser


A shelf on the wall like a painting

Can a piece of furniture replace paintings to reflect our sense of aesthetics? Crox modular shelves are proof that yes! We can adjust them to our needs, creating subdued and classic color arrangements, subtly decorating the wall, or awaken creativity and give vent to our imagination in crazy, multicolored combinations. They are ideal as a place for trinkets that we want to expose in the interior. We can hang them in different configurations. In each they look light and dynamic.

Modułowa półka Crox

Modular shelf Crox


A plant accent in sight

Plants are a staple. They promote visually warming interiors, improve air quality, maintain the right level of humidity in the room, have a positive effect on acoustics and have a visually soothing effect. The positives alone! And what if you put plants right behind your desk, on the wall, pleasing the eye and enveloping you in an oasis of calm? Such a solution is achievable with standing and hanging flowerbeds and wall panels, which not only keep plants in our line of sight, but also allow us to attach to them the most important notes or golden thoughts worth remembering.

Kwietniki Floo

Floo flowerbeds


For more information, visit the company's Fabryka Mebli BALMA SA page on PdD.

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