The beauty of granite for your home and garden

Advantages of granite

Although there is no shortage of alternatives to natural stone on the market, they will never reach the quality that real granite offers. The beauty of materials coming directly from nature is impossible to imitate. Equally importantly, granite is a material with great technical parameters. It is durable and hard. It is characterized by very high resistance to abrasion and to even the harshest weather conditions. It is stain-resistant and its surface is easy to clean. This is why it is so popularly chosen as a finishing material - both indoors and outdoors.

Płytki granitowe tarasowe ciemnoszare

Dark gray granite terrace tiles


Granite in the home, granite in the garden

Floors, walls, stairs and window sills - all these interior elements can be successfully finished with granite. Polished granite tiles are an elegant material for floors. Such a finish will work especially well in heavily used spaces, such as the living room, kitchen, or entrance area. In addition, it will give them an exclusive character. Finished products such as treads and risers make it possible to finish stairs quickly and effectively. Meanwhile, granite window sills provide a chic setting for windows.

Kamień do gabionów szaro-rudy

Stone for gabions gray-red


Granite shows its full advantages also on the outside. Here you can especially appreciate its durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions. The latter practically do not make any "impression" on granite products. Granite slabs or pavers can be used to finish the surface of the terrace, driveway, paths and roads around the house. With the help of granite curbs and resistors, we can easily tidy up the garden area, even if there is a slope.

Płyty chodnikowe granitowe szare

Granite paving slabs gray


A wide range of natural granite products

Online store offers a wide range of granite products. The highest quality products are made from the granite obtained in our own granite mine, which is located in Kostrza near Strzegom. The Granit Natural company provides a comprehensive approach to customers. It includes, among other things, professional technical advice, complete architectural projects with visualizations and, of course, the sale of granite products.

It is worth getting acquainted with the entire offer of the store

Płyty chodnikowe granitowe Strzegom

Granite flagstones Strzegom


For more information, visit the company's Granit Naturalny page on the PdD portal.