How to choose the right flush-mounted frame?

Let's be honest, in modern bathrooms there is no place for traditional flush. If you're planning a sanitary installation, you're not thinking about whether to install a flush-mounted frame - that's an obvious decision. Rather, you think about which model to choose to ensure trouble-free and comfortable use of the toilet for years to come. Today, the choice of concealed sets on the market is so large that individual products differ in nuances. Can you get lost in this? Certainly. However, this diversity is also good news. Thanks to innovative solutions, you can easily find a flush-mounted frame perfectly suited to the specifics of your toilet and the needs of your household. We suggest how to do it!

Flush-mounted frame - basic types.

The main purpose of all flush-mounted frames is to hide sanitary elements in the wall that are not very aesthetic. In most bathrooms flushes are built in, but it is worth knowing that the rack can also be installed as a supporting structure for bidet, urinal or sink. A smooth wall surrounded by these fixtures guarantees easy maintenance of the entire room. How to achieve this effect? There are two basic techniques to consider when mounting a frame to the wall.

W większości łazienek stelaż podtynkowy służy do zabudowy spłuczki, ale można go również wykorzystać jako konstrukcję nośną bidetu, pisuaru lub umywalki

In most bathrooms, a mounted frame is used to build a flush, but it can also be used as a supporting structure for a bidet, urinal or sink.

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Heavy (wet) installation frame - where will it work?

This is an ideal solution for a very small bathroom. In such a situation, the hole for the flush-mounted frame must be drilled into the wall, and then the entire structure must be walled in. Heavy-duty flush-mounted frames are usually slightly cheaper than their lightweight counterparts, but their installation requires additional labor and resources. It is important to buy a model pre-filled with polystyrene foam in such a variant.

Frame for light (dry) construction - a simple and popular solution.

Such a structure is installed at the masonry wall, and not inside it. Attached to the floor and wall, the set should be encased in waterproof gypsum board. This type of installation is faster and simpler, but you have to reckon with the fact that it will take up about 20 cm of space in your bathroom.

How to choose a flush-mounted frame for years to come?

You have probably noticed the recurring names of several leading manufacturers in the rankings of flush-mounted frames: Geberit, Grohe, Viega. The dominance of these brands is not accidental: these are companies that have specialized in the production of flush-mounted frame for decades, and their experience is worth trusting. Be sure to take a look at the interesting article about the origins of the Geberit brand and see how the Swiss have developed the quality of their products. Take it as a valuable tip and do not look for cheaper sets with a less popular logo. The system, which is hidden in the wall, must work perfectly for many years to come.

So pay attention to a few important details:

  • extended manufacturer's warranty - at least 10 years - and availability of spare parts,

  • the strength of the frame, the load capacity of which should be 400 kg,

  • the water tank should be uniform, made by the blow-molding method, this guarantees the greatest tightness.

Do not be afraid to narrow your choice to a few manufacturers! Remember that they are specialists in their field. Their catalogs offer a huge variety of products to fit any bathroom. You are sure to find what you are looking for.

System spłukiwania ukryty w ścianie musi być niezawodny przez wiele lat użytkowania. Postaw na produkty najlepszych producentów!

A flush system hidden in the wall must be reliable for many years to come. Bet on products from the best manufacturers!

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The right flush-mounted frame for your bathroom - dimensions and additional features.

Let's talk about centimeters for a moment, as they will be crucial for the perfect fit of a mounted installation for your bathroom. The dimensions of sanitary structures are largely standardized, but you should ensure an exact fit at the shopping stage. The size of the bathroom and its specifics are also important considerations. How do you find a concealed toilet rack to fit perfectly? We already answer!

Does every toilet bowl fit every frame?

Flush-mounted frames are sold as sets with a toilet bowl or separate products. For example, the duofix frame by Geberit is meant to be as universal as possible, so you need to match it independently with both ceramics and a flush button and additional brackets. For the convenience of customers, bathroom fixture stores suggest matching products within easy-to-compose sets. However, there is also room for individual decisions and ideas! If you already have a frame, matching it with a suspended toilet bowl should not be difficult.

Different types of toilet bowls have only two variants of mounting screw spacing: 18 or 23 cm. So before purchase, make sure that your choice will be compatible with the screw spacing of the concealed installation. Many frames have the ability to adjust this parameter, but only up to the point of installation and construction. If you are not limited by the size of your bathroom, choose a spacing of 23 cm and adjust the installation on the frame to it - a wider design will provide more stability.

Wybór miski sedesowej kompatybilnej ze stelażem nie powinien być trudny. Pamiętaj o sprawdzeniu rozstawu śrub montażowych

Choosing a toilet bowl compatible with the frame should not be difficult. Remember to check the spacing of the mounting screws.

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How high should the toilet frame be?

The functionality of mounted toilet frame depends, among other things, on the ability to adjust its size. The height of the self-supporting steel frame can be changed, but there are mostly two types available on the market:

  • The most popular high frame is about 110-130 cm. This dimension allows the toilet seat to be raised freely so that it does not obstruct the flush button. This solution prevents activation of the flush by accident, for example, when the seat rests firmly on the button.

  • The low frame has a dimension of 80-90 cm. Here flushing water will be possible only when the toilet seat is lowered. Consider this model if you are planning a toilet under a window, or want to adapt it to the needs of disabled people.

At this point it is also worth mentioning the width and depth of mounted designs. Their standard dimension is 50 centimeters, but there are also avaible 35-centimeter frames, used mainly for hanging sinks. The depth of the frame is usually about 15 cm. Adding two layers of plasterboard profiles and tiles - we get 20 cm of additional wall. Is this a lot? For incommodious toilets it is worth choosing a slim frame, the depth of which does not exceed 8 cm.

Niski stelaż podtynkowy ma ok. 80-90 cm wysokości. Rozważ ten model, jeśli planujesz montaż toalety pod oknem

A low flush-mounted frame is about 80-90 cm high. Consider this model if you plan to install a toilet under a window.

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Flush-mounted frame - design an elegant installation.

If you opt for a drywall frame, its design will be completely flush-mounted, but it will take up part of the room. How to deal with this? We have three suggestions for you:

  1. Building the flush-mounted frame with the wall: you get a perfectly smooth surface with only a button on it

  2. Pulling the case all the way to the ceiling - this is the perfect place to install discreet LED backlighting.

  3. Covering the entire width of the wall at the height of the flush-monted frame - in this case, a functional shelf will be created.

Even more examples of beautiful and functional arrangements can be found in the bathroom section.

Jeśli zadecydujesz się zabudować całą ścianę na wysokości stelaża, uzyskasz półkę o szerokości ok. 20 cm. To idealne miejsce na akcesoria łazienkowe lub dekoracje!

If you decide to build up the entire width of the wall at the height of the flush-mounted frame, you will get a shelf with a width of about 20 cm. This is the perfect place for bathroom accessories or decorations!

Photo by Max Rahubovskiy © Pexels

How to choose a flush-mounted frame - a list of useful features.

A good flush-mounted frame is a design that you will immediately forget about. It will reliably do its job, save water, silence noise and even fight harmful microorganisms. To actually buy such a rack, you need to make a list of useful features and look for a product that has them all.

What should you pay attention to?

  • Water is always precious - choose a flush-mounted frame that will help you save it. The dual flush option allows you to regulate the volume of water depending on your current need.

  • A flush button is an element that you can customize to match the look of your bathroom. Major frame manufacturers have several hundred buttons each, compatible with individual flush-mounted frames.

  • Many frames have a silent flush option, and you can also use soundproofing mats when mounting the structure in the wall.

  • Choose a mounted toilet set equipped with special anti-bacterial coatings to prevent the proliferation of microorganisms in hard-to-reach areas.

When choosing a model for your bathroom, remember that a flush-mounted frame is more than just hiding plumbing. It's an investment in the functionality and aesthetics of the space. Find the perfect product that not only meets your technical expectations, but also further enhances the charm of your unique bathroom!

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