New gypsum boards - a fire-safe and aesthetically pleasing finished attic

The roof is one of the most important structural elements that protects the house from the weather. It is also important for the thermal insulation of the building and fire safety. That is why special requirements apply to attic development. With this application in mind, RIGIPS 4PRO™ Fire+ type DF gypsum boards were developed.

It is a product dedicated to performing fire-safe and durable attic development. This is important for the safety of its users, as well as to meet regulatory requirements. The roof - as a wooden and combustible structure - must be effectively separated from the rest of the building space. This task is fulfilled by drywall in the attic, which blocks the movement of fire and the penetration of high temperatures into other rooms.

Płyty gipsowo-kartonowe RIGIPS 4PRO™ Fire+ typ DF

RIGIPS 4PRO™ Fire+ type DF gypsum boards


New RIGIPS 4PRO Fire+ type DF panels

Therefore, RIGIPS 4PRO Fire+ type DF boards use a special technology that increases the product's fire resistance and provides protection for the home in case of fire.

The boards have a thickened core and special fibers, thanks to which the product shows high resistance to the temperatures prevailing during a fire. Thus, it is perfect for the development of attics in single-family houses, protecting the building against the spread of fire, meeting the standards stipulated by regulations and, most importantly, protecting the health and lives of users, says Agnieszka Gladysz, product manager - Rigips boards.

Płyty gipsowo-kartonowe RIGIPS 4PRO™ Fire+ typ DF

RIGIPS 4PRO™ Fire+ type DF gypsum boards have an attic


Thanks to these special properties, the new RIGIPS 4PRO™ Fire+ type DF boards are dedicated to systems that allow them to achieve a fire resistance class (the time during which building elements maintain their load-bearing capacity (R), airtightness (E) and fire insulation) of at least REI 30, but also REI 60 and more.

Highest smoothness of development walls

For the realization of high-quality built-in walls in the attic, another advantage of RIGIPS 4PRO™ Fire+ type DF panels is important; it is the use of special four flattened edges. They make it easier to grout joints and precisely fit the boards. The result is a smooth and uneven surface.

Płyty gipsowo-kartonowe RIGIPS 4PRO™ Fire+ typ DF

RIGIPS 4PRO™ Fire+ type DF gypsum boards in an attic.


Better quality, lower costs

Choosing the new boards for built-in construction also means savings. Flattened edges speed up the work. This, in turn, translates into costs - both for materials and labor itself.

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