TECHNOPANEL filigree ceiling and TECHNOBETON dense ribbed ceiling - the advantage of prestressing technology

FLOORING PLATES THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE TECHNOPANEL,THAT IS COMPPRESSED FLOORING PLATES OF THE FILIGRAN TYPE TECHNOPANEL is a filigran-type ceiling panel made with compression technology. Its high technical parameters and aesthetic qualities put it in a very good position among all types of ceilings available on the Polish market. TECHNOPANEL can be an ideal alternative to monolithic ceilings.

Reduction in the amount of reinforcement in the superconcrete - up to 4 kg/m2 = much lower cost of ceiling construction

TECHNOPANEL floor slabs use prestressing steel with very high tensile strength (2060 MPa). This makes it possible to significantly reduce the amount of reinforcement in the superconcrete (up to 4kg/m2), which translates into the cost and time of ceiling realization.

Montaż stropu gęstożebrowego TECHNOBETON na osiedlu domów w zabudowie bliźniaczej w Lublinie

Installation of TECHNOBETON dense-rib ceiling on a housing estate of semi-detached houses in Lublin.


Quick assembly of the ceiling

The properties of TECHNOPANEL ceiling panels allow you to reduce the labor intensity of works carried out on the construction site. No need for formwork, separation ribs and reduction of reinforcement work significantly accelerate the process of ceiling construction.

Perfectly smooth surface and high acoustic insulation

TECHNOPANEL panels are made of high-class concrete with high compressive strength. The bottom surface of the panels is perfectly smooth, so there is no need for plastering. Acoustic insulation of TECHNOPANEL panels is the same as that of a reinforced concrete ceiling of equivalent thickness.

Konstrukcja stropu gęstożebrowego TECHNOBETON

Construction of the TECHNOBETON dense rib ceiling


Large construction possibilities

TECHNOPANEL filigree ceiling panels are produced on the basis of an individual project taking into account construction assumptions. The shape of the floor slabs is almost unlimited - it can be rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal, arched and irregular. The length of the floor slabs is arbitrary, and the width, for production and transportation reasons, can be up to 2.5 meters. At the stage of forming the slab in the production plant, it is possible to make holes, as well as to embed additional accessories, such as electrical boxes or sleeves for mounting protective barriers.

FREE ceiling design by Technobeton design office

The design includes the distribution of slabs on the ceiling, the appropriate geometry adapted to the shape of the building, the required amount of reinforcement - depending on the size and type of loads. The finished design documentation consists of calculations and the necessary assembly drawings of the ceiling, including the distribution of slabs, rebar schemes, ceiling support schemes, as well as the weight of prefabricated elements.

Przykładowe podporowanie stropu TECHNOPANEL

Example of TECHNOPANEL ceiling support



The TECHNOBETON floor system is a new generation of dense-rib floors, in which the main prefabricated elements are prestressed prestressed prestressed concrete beams and concrete blocks. Thanks to the applied prestressing technology, the TECHNOBETON system stands out among traditional thick-rib ceilings for its high strength and allows it to carry higher loads. In addition, TECHNOBETON ceiling can be used for much larger spans than a typical traditional goose rib ceiling. The TECHNOBETON ceiling is ideal for single and multi-family housing, as well as commercial and public buildings.

Above-average strength and quality

Pre-stressed ceiling beams are made without micro-cracks, from high-grade C50/60 concrete and prestressing steel with high tensile strength, while the ceiling blocks are produced from vibro-pressed gravel concrete based on pure cement. As a result, the TECHNOBETON floor is characterized by lower deflection values compared to other dense-rib floors, and the hollow blocks are characterized by high punching resistance. Reduction of deflections has a particular beneficial effect on aesthetic qualities related to the reduction of the formation of scratches and keyboarding.

Quick and easy assembly and savings on steel consumption

An unquestionable advantage of the TECHNOBETON ceiling system is the relatively simple and fast installation, without the need for a crane and without the need for formwork and the construction of separating ribs. Thanks to the high rigidity of the beams, the number of necessary mounting supports is significantly reduced. The beams can be supported directly on joists and walls, and the execution of openings also does not cause problems. Thanks to the applied prestressing technology, the investor also saves on the amount of steel needed in the super concrete.

Płyty stropowe TECHNOPANEL – wysoka jakość wykonania

TECHNOPANEL ceiling panels - high quality workmanship


Full technical support TECHNOBETON

TECHNOBETON Design Office always prepares a free ceiling project and provides full technical support at each stage of the investment.
TECHNOBETON Sp. z o.o. exists since 2007 and is a leading manufacturer of prefabricated pre-stressed concrete products on the Polish market, which has its own design department. The offer of TECHNOBETON includes:

  • ceiling systems

  • prestressed concrete girders and columns

  • prestressed concrete lintels

  • formwork and wall blocks

  • prefabricated stairs.

Strop gęstożebrowy TECHNOBETON podczas montażu – budynek usługowo-biurowy w Tarnowie

TECHNOBETON ribbed ceiling during assembly - service and office building in Tarnow, Poland.


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