Styrofoam panels with improved performance properties - insulate better, faster and more economically

ARBET real polystyrene boards, blocks and fittings - a good choice for any project

For 30 years now, Fabryka Styropianu ARBET has been building a brand by producing polystyrene boards for the construction industry, polystyrene blocks and fittings. Its best-known products include facade, flooring and roofing Styrofoam, as well as graphite Sty rofoam for a variety of applications - all tailored to the requirements of customers.


ARBET has five modern production facilities: in Koszalin, Gostyn, Przodkowo near Gdansk, Golub-Dobrzyn and Jaslo. Production is carried out even on a continuous basis if necessary.

Quality under the control of experts

High quality and repeatability of technical parameters are ensured by in-house testing laboratories, based on the Factory Production Control program. These activities are possible thanks to the best professionals in the industry employed at ARBET. Trained eminent auditors conduct regular audits in all production divisions according to annual schedules. During the audits, the correctness of the system's operation, including compliance with the specified procedures, is checked for individual processes.

Innovations on a European scale

Theproduction plant in Jasło is a brand new ARBET factory. The innovative products manufactured there are polystyrene boards with improved performance properties, thanks to which it is possible to insulate better, faster and more economically. This is not only an excellent insulation product, it also means easier work and greater savings for contractors and investors.

Awards for ARBET

One of the most recent important awards for ARBET is the "Brylant Polskiej Gospodarki" for 2020. The factory has been repeatedly awarded for its achievements and place in the Polish market. ARBET has already been a "National Good," a "Business Gazelle," a "Cheetah," and has also received Consumer Laurels, the "Good Brand" emblem or the "Buy Polish" certificate. After XXX years of operation, awards and recognition are important achievements of the company.

styropianowe Fasada GRAFIT FS ARBET na budowie osiedla domów jednorodzinnych

Styrofoam panels Fasada GRAFIT FS ARBET at the construction site of a single-family housing estate



These two types of boards are intended for use in applications that do not require, or that require only low mechanical loads to be carried, used primarily for thermal insulation.

perform best in such places as:

  • Walls made with the "light wet" method(BSO, ETICS) or "light dry" method,
  • surfaces of frame walls,
  • joints of closed or ventilated three-layer walls,
  • crowns,
  • jambs,
  • lintels and other places exposed to the formation of thermal bridges,
  • balcony loggias,
  • layered walls,
  • cavity walls with ventilated and non-ventilated air gap,
  • Expansion joints in structures,
  • in internal partition walls
  • floors between joists.

Płyty styropianowe
Fasada GRAFIT FS ARBET na budowie osiedla domów jednorodzinnych

Styrofoam panels Facade GRAFIT FS ARBET on the construction site of an estate of single-family houses


FASADA GRAFIT panels, i.e. panels with an admixture of graphite

This is a truly innovative product, characterized by increased insulation parameters. The characteristic gray-silver color is the result of the addition of graphite, which increases the absorption of thermal radiation of polystyrene foam.

Compared to traditional panels, the graphite in FASADA GRAFIT panels simply insulates better.

This makes it possible to use thinner slabs without losing the thermal insulation properties of "thicker" polystyrene foam.

FASADA GRAFIT boards are indispensable, among other things, for

  • Insulating balcony loggias,
  • reveals and lintels
  • in all places where the lowest possible thickness of thermal insulation is required.

GRAFIT facade is especially recommended for thermal insulation of energy-efficient and passive buildings, worth considering in difficult realizations, where too thick insulation can reduce the aesthetic value of the building.

Płyty styropianowe
Fasada GRAFIT FS ARBET na budowie osiedla domów jednorodzinnych

Styrofoam panels Fasada GRAFIT FS ARBET on the construction site of a single-family housing estate.


Styrofoam boards FLOOR/ROOF

This type of insulation can be used in applications requiring the transfer of medium mechanical loads, for thermal insulation of attic floors and usable and non-usable attics.

Styrofoam FLOOR/ROOF boards are successfully used in residential and public buildings in such areas as:

  • floors on the ground at low loads,
  • floors on all kinds of ceilings with rigid structure,
  • interior ceilings between heated and unheated rooms,
  • ceilings over passageways or terraces and balconies.


A modern, self-extinguishing material that combines three very important features for insulation products:

  • low water absorption,
  • excellent thermal insulation parameters
  • high load resistance.

It is manufactured from a special raw material in the form of hydrophobized polystyrene plastic.

Hydrofoam is characterized by high cohesiveness, so that it does not soak up water
even with prolonged (even a month) immersion.

For more information, visit the company's Fabryka Styropianu ARBET page on the PdD portal.