Intelligent and multifunctional robots for home use by Polish brand COBBO Robotics

Smart and multifunctional robots for home use by Polish brand COBBO Robotics

The idea of a smart home

Subsequent years confirm that smart home device solutions are being used more and more frequently and willingly. Smart technology significantly facilitates many daily activities, such as controlling heating, lighting, as well as cleaning and cooking. "Smart Home" is a topic close at hand among home designers, but also among people who want to help themselves with household chores.

Cleaning robots

In 2022, our two newest 2-in-1 cleaning robots - the LF80 model, as well as the PRO 27 UV - were launched on the market. Their launch brought revolutionary changes from the previous generation. The LF80 model has as much as 12,000 Pa of suction power, and 6400 mAh of battery capacity. The PRO 27 UV robot, on the other hand, has the latest detergent cleaning systems, a powerful mopping reach and an automatic waste emptying station.

Najsilniejszy robot odkurzająco-mopujący COBBO LF80

The most powerful COBBO LF80 vacuum-mopping robot.

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For which home?

We professionally select robots individually for each customer and their home based on the analysis of needs and working environment.

Kitchen robots

The COBBO 7 model available in our offer allows you to prepare food quickly and easily. It effectively saves time and energy when cooking. The robot replaces multiple kitchen appliances and performs full dishes, guiding the user step by step. The robot allows you to choose from many categories and a huge database of about 1500 recipes. The COBBO 7 is designed to work hard for years, so its innovative motor, which generates as much as 11,000 revolutions, comes with a 5-year warranty. The device also copes well with high loads in restaurants or catering companies.

Window cleaning robots

An increasingly popular device in modern construction are window cleaning robots. Their work involves automatic cleaning of glass and other flat surfaces using rotating heads. COBBO i5 is the brand's latest robot, featuring a system of sonic spraying with microparticles of liquid, effectively cleaning, among other things, hard-to-reach windows - including roof windows.

Umyje wszelkie powierzchnie płaskie, okna dachowe i wiele innych

It will clean all flat surfaces, roof windows and much more

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About COBBO Robotics brand

We are a root Polish brand, owned by IT Technology Poland Sp. z o.o.. We introduce professional robots for home use, running an advanced after-sales care system in operating the devices.

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