Mahogany stairs - precision, elegance, comfort and top quality

Mahogany company has been engaged in the production of stairs for more than 20 years. Our offer includes a comprehensive implementation from the design, production and installation. At the individual request of the client we make classic stairs, as well as modern ones.

Our realizations are mainly of interest to investors of Western European countries. Many years of experience allows us to meet even the most demanding customers, in many cases it is the realization of very bold ideas.

Schody policzkowe
stalowe malowane proszkowo, stopnie wykonane z lakierowanego dębu.

Powder-coated steel cheek stairs, steps made of lacquered oak. Glass balustrade. Realization private house.

© Mahogany

Stairs are an integral part of any house. They give it character and determine the appearance of the interior, which is why the details are so important. Nowadays, our esteemed customers increasingly choose non-standard constructions, in which, in addition to the characteristic wooden element, there are metal or glass additions.

chody policzkowe
zamknięte z podstopnicami. Stopnie i poręcze wykonane z olejowanego dębu.

Closed cheek stairs with treads. Steps and handrails made of oiled oak.
Cheeks, columns, balusters and treads made of ash painted with opaque paint.
Balustrade columns, balusters milled. Realization private house

© Mahogany

Unusual shapes and finishes are in high demand. Depending on the customer's expectations, most often in the case of modern stairs, we combine wood with other materials such as stainless steel, powder-coated steel or glass.
Also very popular are classic st airs made mainly of oiled oak or ash, combined with elements painted with opaque white paint.

Schody dywanowe
wykonane z olejowanego dębu. Balustrada stalowa malowana proszkowo. Realizacja dom prywatny.

Carpeted stairs made of oiled oak.
Powder coated steel balustrade. Realization private house.

© Mahogany

In our offer there is no shortage of basic models of stairs created for versatile use. A large number of customers prefer the discreet charm of elegance, choosing classic design combined with very high quality wood and accompanying appropriate staining.

Fabryka firmy Mahoń

Mahogany factory

© Mahogany

We work with interior designers, architects and developers, our design office consists of a team of experienced designers. We have the most modern machinery at our disposal. Combined with the experience we have gained, we make creating an individual, unique product is not a difficulty for us. These are, in many cases, atypical constructions, combined with attention to detail and detail.

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