Winding or straight staircase? Always ATRIUM SYSTEM

Stairs in the interior of a building are one of the most important architectural elements. Not only do they perform the function of communication between levels, but also form an important element of interior design. When choosing stairs, we first pay attention to the place where they are installed. If it does not impose a specific solution, we should answer the question of whether a winding or straight flight of stairs will be more suitable for us.

Schody ATRIUM Bianco

ATRIUM Bianco stairs


As a proposal for a winding staircase, we present the impressive ATRIUM Bianco model wrapped in a fully enclosed balustrade. These stairs will certainly change any interior and give it a unique character. The model is part of the ATRIUM Prestige collection and is made to individual order. We have our own design office and a team of specialists who love challenges and are ready to bring to life the boldest ideas. Our architects will be happy to prepare a design closely matched to both the installation site and the vision of the ordering person himself. We will also make sure that the stairs meet all safety standards, while being functional and comfortable for all users. In addition, we offer free consultations with an architect to get valuable advice and suggestions from our experts.

Schody ATRIUM Prosto

stairs ATRIUM Straight


However, for those who prefer simpler solutions, we recommend the ATRIUM Prosto model. Elegant, massive stairs, the versatility of which makes them fit into almost any style of interior. This very comfortable model is available in a wide range of colors with a large selection of wood species. The ATRIUM Straight model is part of the ATRIUM Basic collection, which also includes all basic models of modular, spiral and straight stairs. These are the constructions that have been proven for years and enjoy the greatest popularity and recognition of our customers. They can be found all over the world. In all products of this line we have applied treatments that are designed to make it as easy as possible both during transport and during the installation itself. ATRIUM Straight, as well as other models from the ATRIUM Basic collection, are available in many color variants and can be ordered from the online store

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