Your vision, our creation - unique staircases and balustrades

You have a unique interior and want every detail to match it and reflect your unique style. Stairs or railings are an expense that will last for years, so you want to make sure they are made with attention to detail. Our goal is to help you realize that vision. Creating for us is not just a job, but more importantly a passion and a quest for perfection. Trust us and let our skills and experience transform your vision into reality.

The company EWA DROPIŃSKA specializes in creating unique constructions in plain and stainless steel, which are tailored to the individual personalities and interiors of our customers. "Your vision, our creation" is our commitment to realizing your dreams of stairs and balustrades that are not only functional, but also extraordinary and stylish.

Balustrada typu harfa

Harp type balustrade


Give us your guidelines or show us your inspirations, and we will create a customized design with durability and safety in mind. You will receive a finished, installed product with a long warranty. Our products are our business card, so in addition to the warranty, we also provide service in case of damage caused after the reception, for example by another team working on the interior finishing.

Schody industrialne

Industrial stairs


Love for steel is our family tradition. We use our years of experience working with metal to create our own innovations. This is how we came up with, for example, stainless steel products painted with transparent paint, such as polished gold, rose gold or with an unusual effect of color transition from graphite to silver depending on the lighting and angle of view. We take advantage of this when creating table pieces from the German brand Magna Atelier, of which we are also a distributor.
Our mission is to replicate our clients' visions in the best possible way, which is why we love working with architects. They can count on a discount of up to 10% with us, as well as our creativity in solving problems and flexibility.

Stolik „Paris”, Magna Atelier

Table "Paris", Magna Atelier


One of the problems encountered was mounting the balustrade, whose appearance was to be as light as possible, on an already finished floor. This precluded the use of large masking rosettes that would hide the mounting of the posts. We solved this by creating mounting feet hidden inside the posts. The balustrade looks like it is just standing on the floor, when in fact it is securely attached to it .

Schody ze stali nierdzewnej z drewnem bangkirai wg pomysłu Klienta

Stainless steel staircase with bangkirai wood according to the client's idea.


We work with carpenters and glaziers, as well as powder coaters and galvanizers, to provide you with a comprehensive product for which we are fully responsible. Each order is supported by a contract, and you can make payment at your convenience, including in bitcoins.

Balustrada nierdzewna z wypełnieniem szklanym wg projektu Klientki

Stainless steel balustrade with glass filling according to the client's design


For more information, visit the company's EWA DROPIŃSKA page on PdD.