Ventilation in single-family residential buildings


The task of the ventilation cowl in single-family residential buildings is to ensure proper values of gravitational draught in ventilation ducts. Schiedel/Fenko hybrid cowl, is designed for installation on Schiedel ventilation blocks in axial and non-axial arrangement. Schiedel/Fenko can come as SP, SH, SV types.
The fan works as a gravity cowl at times when atmospheric conditions allow it. Necessary for this is the right temperature difference and external air movement (wind).

In such cases, the negative pressure induced in the ventilation duct is often enough to achieve the correct level of ventilation airflow removed from kitchens, bathrooms or toilet rooms.


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When atmospheric conditions do not allow it or there is a need to increase the ventilation draft, the user can turn on the mechanical operation of the fan in the first gear (speed 1000 1/min) or in the extreme case: the second gear (speed 1400 1/min). The maximum amount of air that the fan is able to extract from the room is, for mechanical operation, respectively, 120 m3/h for the first gear, and 180 m3/h for the second gear of the motor speed.

These capacities are greater than or equal to typical bathroom fans mounted in the wall inside the room. However, the acoustic nuisance of their operation occurs outside the cavity room. The sound pressure level is low at 33 dBA and 41 dBA, respectively, and does not cause annoyance outside the ventilated room.

An innovation is the fact that a DC motor is installed in the fan, whose operation is based on the fact that it is powered from a 230 V single-phase outlet. Inside the motor the conversion of alternating current to direct current takes place. This makes it possible to achieve a very low installed power level of 9.5 W / 6.2 W respectively.


For a gravity ventilation system based on hollow blocks - Schiedel type, a ventilation cowl was designed, topping the gravity channel from above. The cowl makes extensive use of the force of the wind washing over it and thus creates optimal conditions for the movement of gravitational air in the ventilation duct.


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The Schiedel/Bryza cowl has a modified shape and dimensions to fit variants of the single-row chimney made of Schiedel ventilation blocks. The unit is made of polyester-glass laminate, completely weatherproof, and can be dyed to any color.


Vero-150 type fans are mounted on the roof and support the kitchen hood. Thanks to which the ventilation of the kitchen is correct. The fan is made entirely of plastic, it is a polyester-glass laminate permanently dyed in any color.

The properties of the laminate (glass fiber imbued with polyester resin) mean that the product is marked by high strength and resistance to the corrosive effects of atmospheric conditions and air flowing through it. The material used makes it possible to achieve the final lightness of the structure and interesting design of the product.


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The Vero-150 three-speed roof fan for kitchen ventilation allows you to effectively eliminate the odors emitted during cooking. The fan is mounted externally on the chimney and is connected to the kitchen hood with the help of ventilation fittings. The fan rotor, radial with backward-bent blades, is designed to make the fan low-noise and highly efficient. The fan motor is three-speed, this allows you to choose the amount of air sucked out of the hood so that it is appropriate for any intensity of steam and other kitchen odors.


Zephyr vents are the latest design of gravity vents, protecting the ventilation duct from outside air. It also prevents rainwater from entering the ventilation duct. It is made of durable and aesthetically pleasing colored polyester-glass laminate (laminate colors available according to RAL - basic ash 7001).

Zephyr-150 DUO

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Temperature resistance of Zephyr 60°C, it is possible to manufacture from vinylester laminate with temp resistance of 100°C or from stainless steel. ZeFir ventilator systems are also designed in a multi-element design on a common manifold covering the ventilation outlets from above, as well as in an assembly arrangement with typical PVC pipes ∅150 mm and ∅250 mm.

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