A space open to experimentation. See how to decorate your child's room for years to come

A child's room is a unique space that reflects the passions of a young person and provides a safe haven for them. This is where ideas for games are born and the most precious treasures are hidden. Looking for inspiration for decorating a child's room, it is worth taking care of the atmosphere in it. One that will stimulate imagination and nurture the desire to learn about the world. Properly selected furniture will help in its creation.

- A young person spends most of his time in his room, so it's a good idea to adapt this space to his lifestyle


Going to school, meeting new friends or finding new passions - a child's room should be adapted to the challenges that our child faces every day. The Young Users collection of modular furniture by VOX will help take care of every aspect inherent in the process of growing up, thus supporting the development of the young mind and awakening its creativity. Desks, bookcases, beds and shelves will help furnish a room where the child will want to stay, play and learn. And if we add to the whole neon lighting, the effect will be a dream come true for many a teenager.

- There is time for fun, but also for learning


For every stage of life

Young Users modular furniture, regardless of the age, passion and character of the young person, adapts to his needs. Thanks to them, we can create a space for any child - the one with the soul of an artist, sportsman or scientist. Young Users is a collection for years to come. It changes with the age of the child, accompanying him from his youngest years to his teenage years. All thanks to a system of interchangeable metal overlays that allow you to adapt the furniture to the forming personality on an ongoing basis. In this way, the collection meets the expectations not only of the child, but also of the parents, who will not have to buy new room furnishings when their toddler grows up.

- Interchangeable metal overlays allow us to change the arrangement to fit the age and taste of our child


The Young Users modules can be adapted to the layout of any interior - from an attic with slants to a small room for siblings. The process of putting together and combining different elements resembles building blocks, so the parents won't miss out on the fun either. It is worth inviting the child to join in and let him arrange his own world. Interchangeable overlays, fillers and organizers are open to experimentation and creative exploration. And the clever solutions used in the collection will allow you to change the look in the future without having to replace the furniture. Young Users features cartoonish patterns, intense colors, graphic motifs, but also subdued shades of gray and wooden decors. The new version is a palette of neon colors - choose from yellow, blue and pink.

- Tennis or love of plants? Young Users will accommodate every child's passions


Time for neon

Childhood is the perfect time for the electrifying power of colors. When decorating a child's room, you can play with a color palette that will affect the imagination and stimulate action. And after all, children's creativity knows no bounds. The white base of the room resembles a blank canvas. Combining it with neon colors, we will create a space that the child will want to show off. The led lights placed in the cabinets will make the room take on colors, and exactly those that the owner likes best at the moment. The illumination of the shelves can be freely controlled with a wireless remote control. But that's not the end of playing with light. We also have at our disposal the innovative RGB led Twinkly Flex controlled wirelessly with a phone. We can arrange it into different shapes and hang it in the place indicated by the child - for example, over the bed or desk.

- Led RGB Twinkly Flex can be arranged in various shapes - as your imagination carries you, and it will light up with colors: pink, yellow, green, blue or red


Today a Star Wars fan, tomorrow an astrophysicist

And what happens if we use led lights in a room kept in dark tones? Our child will have his own little private space at his disposal. And then perhaps dreams of a trip to Mars and the desire to explore the universe will be born. Young Users was created to support not only creativity, but also the development of the child, helping him to answer the question "what do I want to be in the future?". In a room decorated with this collection, the child will find his way.

- Dark tones combined with neon will take your child on a private flight into space


With a black base, the led lights will create an interesting, modern design effect. Neon geometric fillers used in the bookcases will help expose toys, figurine collections or vacation souvenirs. In addition, their borders on one side have a neon color, and on the other side are black or white. So just turn the filler to get a monochromatic composition. On the other hand, interchangeable colored overlays will brighten up the black base and allow you to get Star Wars-themed styling.

- Black base offers many design possibilities also in a child's room


Toddlers like to display or hide their treasures. Crayons, colored notes and even paint brushes for their favorite characters need a proper place. In the new handy organizer from VOX, we can easily place and organize the things the little ones use every day. We can easily move it to any place - maybe to the kitchen, where mom will cook, and the toddler will draw her portrait in the meantime? Buying inserts, we will independently divide the space of the organizer according to the ideas of the youngest. Black universal color will fit into any room, and neon yellow will catch the eye from the entrance to the room.

- Display units and organizers will change space at a moment's notice and control teenage clutter


The child's world is full of beloved gadgets, such as headphones or game pads. The Young Users display will bring important accessories in the room to the forefront - just hang them on the hooks included in the set. In the compartment the child can place, among other things, chargers and extra cables.

- Young Users is modular furniture that grows up with your child


Every child is a different world, the creation of which is supported by the VOX brand. The Young Users collection of modular furniture is one of the many solutions offered to the youngest users. More ideas and inspiration for furnishing a child's room can be found in VOX stores and on vox.pl.

For more information, visit the company's VOX page on PdD.