How to decorate a student's room? Advice from architects

01 of September '23
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  1. The beginning of the school year is the time to furnish a room for a student.
  2. A room for a school-age child should be divided into three zones: study, play and rest.
  3. Take care of adequate lighting at the desk.
  4. A comfortable desk and a well-fitting chair are the basis of a study corner.
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Preparing for the new school year is not only about buying textbooks and a capacious backpack, but also about the need to arrange a space that will make it easier for kids to study and relax after school. How to cope with such a challenge?

Pokój dla dziecka w wieku szkolnym powinien łączyć miejsce do nauki, wypoczynku i zabawy

A room for a school-age child should combine a place for study, relaxation and play

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- A child 's room is not only the kingdom of our kid, but also a place for learning, playing and relaxing. When embarking on its decoration, therefore, we should keep all these functions in mind and plan them carefully. It is best to divide the room into three zones, so that they do not interfere with each other, and each of them satisfies a specific need of our little one. A study corner will create a desk with a comfortable swivel chair and additional storage space for school accessories, which should always be at hand. Here it is also worth arranging the student's library with favorite books, which will be easy to reach for. A comfortable night's sleep will be ensured by a comfortable bed or couch, which can be used for rest and relaxation during the day, and as the years go by for social chats with friends. Next to it should be a large closet for clothes. This will ensure that our child will be able to change his clothes immediately after waking up, while maintaining order and tidiness around him. Let's allocate the remaining space for play. It can express the youngster's expression, reflecting his passions and interests. Let's also provide bookcases or shelves for toys, which in time will replace the teenager's collectible gadgets and other treasures. Remember that a child's room grows up with him, constantly changes, and we should prepare it for these changes - advise architects Marta Iglewska and Radosław Wójcik from Interiorsy studio.

Marta Iglewska i Radosław Wójcik

Marta Iglewska and Radosław Wojcik

Photo: private archives

Study zone


To create a comfortable study space, you need first of all an ergonomic desk along with a seat and good lighting. The desk should be set in a place where as much natural light as possible reaches, the healthiest for the eyesight that is still developing in young people. Contrary to appearances, placing a piece of furniture opposite a window will not be the best solution at all, as the sunlight falling directly on the face can be unpleasantly glaring and prevent concentration. It is definitely better to place the desk against a perpendicular wall. If our child is left-handed, the desk should stand with its right side facing the window, and if right-handed - with its left side. Such an arrangement will provide optimal access to light, and the hand will not cast a shadow when writing.

Wygodne biurko jest podstawą pokoju dla ucznia

A comfortable desk is the basis of a student's room

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For the proper development of the spine, a well-chosen chair is essential. When doing homework, the child's legs should be bent at 90 degrees at the knees and rest freely on the ground. The depth of the seat must be adjusted so that there is no gap between the backrest and the back. Adjust the height of the equipment individually according to the kid's height, based on the following indications:

  • 98-112 cm of height - seat at a height of 26 cm from the floor, table top at a height of 46 cm
  • 121-127 cm of height - seat at a height of 30 cm from the floor, table top at a height of 52 cm from the floor
  • 127-142 cm of height - seat at a height of 34 cm from the floor, table top at a height of 58 cm from the floor
  • 142-157 cm height - seat at a height of 38 cm from the floor, table top at a height of 64 cm from the floor
  • 157-172 cm tall - seat at a height of 42 cm from the floor, table top at a height of 70 cm from the floor

It is best to bet on a functional chair and adjustable desk that will serve us for many years.

Krzesło obrotowe musi być dostosowane do wzrostu dziecka

The swivel chair must be adjusted to the child's height



- No less important aspect is good lighting for the workspace. Studying until late evening hours would not be possible without an office lamp. We should choose a bulb with a rather cool color (about 4000K), which promotes concentration and has a stimulating effect - the architects add.

Odpowiednie światło w miejscu do nauki jest kluczowe

Adequate light in the study area is key


Fun zone

Room for a teenager

Childhood is a time for developing passions and making new friends. That's why it's important to provide your child with a space where they can feel comfortable. For teenagers, a good solution will be to put a comfortable armchair or sofa in the room. A soft seat is an ideal place to read books and use the Internet. A sofa, on the other hand, will be good for meeting with friends.

W pokoju nastolatka powinien znaleźć się wygodny fotel

A teenager's room should include a comfortable armchair

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Space for a toddler

Younger children should be able to develop and pursue their interests. Here there are no more restrictions. Piano, bouncy ball, easel or maybe a globe? It's best to let the little explorer choose for himself what he wants to pursue.

- Let's remember that a child's room is his private asylum. So let's not decorate it according to our own tastes and preferences, but those of our child. Let's provide basic functions, and let the color scheme and decorations be chosen by its user. It can be a colorful wallpaper on the wall behind the bed, or a decorative lamp. Let's talk to the child about how he or she envisions his or her room and help make this dream a reality. After all, the decor of the space we live in has a huge impact on our mood and emotions. So let's let the child feel good in his own room - suggest architects Marta Iglewska and Radosław Wójcik.

Pokój dziecka powinien odzwierciedlać jego zainteresowania

A child's room should reflect his interests

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Relaxation zone

After a full day of studying, meetings and extra activities, your kid needs to rest and gain strength for the next day. How we sleep affects how we function, so the relaxation zone is a very important part of the room. Take care of your child's good recovery by providing a comfortable bed and mattress. It's best to buy a model slightly larger than your child's current height, so that you don't have to replace the furniture with a new one in a while. The mattress should be sufficiently firm and conform to the baby's body to ensure a restful sleep.

Wybierz łóżeczko z regulacją wielkości, aby mebel posłużył na dłużej

Choose a crib with adjustable size, so that the furniture will last longer

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