Turn a child's room into a fairy tale land - wallpapers

14 of February '22

Choosing the right wallpaper for a child's room is not at all easy. However, it is a great way to transform a boring children 's room into a space where your little one will enjoy spending time. Usually the motifs are fun and carefree, but that doesn't mean they can't complement the rest of the home decor and even educate. We present inspiring wallpaper ideas and designs.

In the meadow or among the treetops

Plant and animal motifs are often used in children's rooms. They are universal, and the richness of their colors, patterns and shapes develops the imagination of any toddler. Such wallpaper with a motif close to nature will arouse interest in exploring the world outdoors. So let's think of the walls as an opportunity to create an interesting arrangement and entertain, but also to educate the little ones.

Tapeta Łąka Beżowa

Beige Meadow Wallpaper

© Printedstories.store

Tapeta Owoce Wiśnie

Cherry Fruit Wallpaper

© Printedstories.store

Fototapeta Noc

Wallpaper Night

© Printedstories.store

Fototapeta Ptaki

Wallpaper Birds

© Printedstories.store

Fototapeta Safari

Wallpaper Safari

© Printedstories.store

Egzotyczne zwierzęta mogą pojawiać się w różnych opcjach kolorystycznych

Exotic animals can appear in different color options

© Wallpaper.co.uk

Fototapeta Zwierzęta Morskie

Marine Animals Wallpaper

© Printedstories.store

Swimming in the clouds

Floating on the blue abyss of puffy clouds is something that we will always associate well. Color psychology is also important here. Soothing blue is perfect for the bedroom. Starry skies, on the other hand, can awaken the desire to explore the yet undiscovered - the infinite cosmos. Since the color is dark, it is ideal for an accent wall.

Tapeta Niebo Nocą

Night Sky Wallpaper

© Printedstories.store

Tapeta Niebo

Wallpaper "Sky"

© Printedstories.store

W pokoju z taką ścianą można rozbujać się w obłokach

In a room with such a wall you can rock in the clouds

© Wallpaper.co.uk

Fototapeta Balonem w chmurach

Wallpaper Balloon in the clouds

© Printedstories.store

Queens, magic and superheroes

Everyone was once a child and we know very well that no childhood is complete without a bit of fairy tale madness. Let's choose a wallpaper according to your favorite fairy tale or character, and you will surely find out what true joy is.


Wallpaper "I believe in unicorns" in pink color

© Wallpaperuj.pl

Superbohaterzy na ścianie to nietuzinkowy pomysł na dodanie charakteru wnętrzu

Superheroes on the wall is an unusual idea to add character to the interior

© Wallpaperuj.pl

Postacie z bajek są często wybieranym motywem

Characters from fairy tales are a frequently chosen motif

© Walletuj.pl

Znajdzie się też coś dla fanów

There will also be something for fans of "Iceberg Land" © Wallpaperuj.pl

© Walletuj.pl

Colors and shapes

A more subdued solution, which will certainly not get boring so quickly, is the use of stripes, dots or zigzags. Here only our imagination can limit us, and most manufacturers have selected patterns in different color versions. We can also make nature-inspired stripes and geometric patterns ourselves with paint.


Wallpaper "Dotty pink"

© Wallpaperuj.pl

Energetyczne kolorowe punkty sprawią, że wnętrze będzie tryskać energią!

Energetic colorful dots will make the interior gush with energy!

© Walletuj.pl

Ciekawe pasy również mogą świetnie pasować do dziecięcego królestwa

Interesting stripes can also fit perfectly into a child's kingdom

© Walletuj.pl

Elaboration: Dominika Tyrlik

Photos and information courtesy of brands © Walletuj.pl and © Printedstories.store

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