10 nature-inspired wall painting designs

18 of January '22

Images of nature from which we can draw inspiration for our interiors

The color combinations that nature gives us are endlessly beautiful and varied. By observing spectacular, atmospheric phenomena or sunrises and sunsets, we can draw a lot of energy and transfer it to the interior of our own homes. Patterns, textures and color palettes straight from nature; what could be better than that?

Hexagonal honeycomb pattern

© Ante Hamersmit

1. honeycomb

A plain white wall can be wonderfully enhanced with hexagons pulled straight from bee life! Who would have thought that these little creatures can create such a beautiful shape. We can divide the walls with strips of painter's paint and paint according to one of the rules of color matching. Randomly placed hexagons will create a unique atmosphere in the room. Use colors that match the decor and use of the room - lighter shades for a child's bedroom, more subdued shades for a living room or dining room.

Niezwykle delikatne przejścia kolorów widoczne na niebie

Extremely delicate color transitions seen in the sky

© Paul Berthelon

2 - Celestial Ombre

When you look at a cloudless sky, you can easily see the gradual transition of colors. Right at the horizon, the sky is sometimes almost white, and the higher our gaze goes, the more intense and blue it becomes. We can do the same with the color of our wall. It doesn't necessarily have to be a blue color - the sky, after all, presents itself in a wide range of colors. Oranges, reds, pinks and purples at sunset or sunrise are just great inspiration! Start painting the wall with the lightest color and gradually apply darker and darker paint. This will definitely make the work easier.

Ciekawy gradient gór

An interesting gradient top

© Ivana Cajina

3 - Mountain perspective

This is quite a popular, beautiful and easy motif to make. Looking at the mountains, through the aerial perspective, we observe that what is further away seems less bright and more pastel. Try to create as natural a line of the tops of the peaks as possible. Take inspiration from the photo - it's rare to find geometric and angular mountains - unless that's the effect we're going for. Use several shades of blue and green paint, choosing them by analogy - such shades appear side by side on the color wheel. We can even recreate a favorite mountain range!

Wesoły zarys kolorowej tęczy

A cheerful outline of a colorful rainbow

© Mateus Campos Felipe

4. rainbow wall

Seeing a rainbow in a brightening sky puts a smile on everyone's face. These extremely cheerful colors can bring an extremely positive mood to an interior. We can compose our home rainbow in a variety of ways - a rainbow arch on a white background or a whole wall surface painted with repeating colors of the rainbow. The possibilities are limited only by your own imagination.

Możemy traktować zdjęcia lasu jako wspaniałą inspirację

We can treat photos of the forest as a great inspiration

© Filip Zrnzevic

5. not so dark forest

With the right technique, painting a forest on a wall is not as difficult as you might imagine. Here, the rules for painting are similar to those for painting mountains. Start with the top layer of the background, and then go down, creating tree silhouettes and adding more dark green paint. But wait, wait - your forest doesn't have to be green at all after all!

Niezwykle barwne rybie łuski

Extremely colorful fish scales

© Ali Abdul

6. colorful fish scales

Fish sc ales have fascinating colors! Their texture is extremely interesting, and on top of that, each of them has different shades, and on top of that, they are shiny. Try to get inspired by these beautiful creatures and paint your wall. You can paint some of the semicircles to have a shiny finish. This will definitely be a variety to any interior. This variation is best for a children's room, but will work in any room depending on the colors used.

Piękne kwiaty wniosą wiosnę do wnętrza w każdą porę roku

Beautiful flowers will bring spring into the interior in any season

© Amy Humphries

7. floral meadow

With this suggestion, you can certainly show off. A floral meadow is a source of patterns and colors. You can try to mimic the shapes of flowers and even if they are not perfect - nothing is wrong! Nature is not perfect and that is beautiful! When we create a lot of petals and leaves next to each other, nothing has to look identical. The pattern can be just linear black and white (and such will be easier) or cheerful and colorful. We can also be inspired by the color scheme and make a geometric variation Express yourself and present your art on the wall!

Bambusowe wertykalne wzory

Bamboo vertical patterns

© Eric Barbeau

8. bamboo lines

Bambooshoots are an interesting inspiration. On the one hand, they are quite calm, straight and vertical, but on the other hand, their random tilting gives an interesting dynamic. With these lines we will create a subtle, elegant, modern pattern. For example - white vertical bevels on a gray background will give the interior a contemporary, yet stylish finish.

Elaboration: Dominika Tyrlik

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