Choosing a baby bed

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  1. Make sure that the crib meets all safety standards.
  2. Check if the materials used to manufacture the furniture do not contain toxic substances.
  3. Adjust the size of the bed to the individual needs and development of the child.
  4. Put the bed in a place that is free from potential dangers and hazards.
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      As we all know, parents want the best for their children. This also applies to furnishings for a child's room. Choosing a crib for a toddler is quite a challenge. Fortunately, from our article you will learn what to pay attention to when facing this choice.

      Upewnij się, że łóżeczko spełnia wszelkie standardy bezpieczeństwa

      Make sure the crib meets all safety standards

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      Baby bed - a guide

      What to pay attention to when choosing a bed for a baby?

      Make sure that the crib  meets all safety standards. Check if it has the appropriate certifications and markings, and that the spacing between the rungs is small enough to prevent the baby's head from getting trapped in it. Avoid cribs with decorative elements that can pose a choking or impact hazard. Choose cribs made of non-toxic materials, such as wood or metal, to avoid possible allergies or harmful substances. Check if the paints and finishes used in the manufacture of the furniture are safe for the baby and do not contain toxic substances. It's a good idea to choose a crib with an adjustable bottom height to suit your child's age and abilities, and to make it easier to lift and put your child in the crib. Check if the bed is comfortable for both you and the baby. This may include adjustable sides, movable rails, and access from both sides. Some cribs have additional features that make it easier to store essentials, such as diaper bins. Consider whether you prefer a fixed or rocking crib. Some babies are calmed by rocking, but others may be happier with a fixed crib. The right mattress is key. It must provide support for the baby and be made of safe materials.

      Sprawdź, czy materiały wykorzystane do produkcji mebla nie zawierają toksycznych substancji

      Adjust the size of the bed to the individual needs and development of the child

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      Where to buy a baby crib?

      Choosing a reliable manufacturer of children's furniture is absolutely key to keeping your little one safe and comfortable. One such company is Drewnostyl. It is also worth considering the offer of Meble Wróbel. The full list of manufacturers we recommend can be found in the search engine of the Products for Home portal under the keyword "baby bed".

      Dimensions of the baby bed

      Remember that the standard dimensions are only general guidelines. It is important to adjust the size of the bed to the individual needs and development of the child. However, the following dimensions are usually accepted:

      For infants and toddlers (0-2 years)

      The standard size for an infant bed is usually 120x60 cm. You can also find beds with a size of 140x70 cm, which can be adjusted to fit the needs of the child.

      For preschoolers (3-5 years)

      For preschoolers and preschool-aged children, beds with a size of 140x70 cm or 160x80 cm are often used.

      For school-aged children (6-12 years)

      For older children, you can consider beds sized 160x80 cm or 180x90 cm. These larger beds provide a more comfortable sleeping space.

      For teenagers (over 12 years old)

      Teenagers are often recommended beds with a size of 200x90 cm or 200x120 cm.

      Umieść łóżko w miejscu, które jest wolne od potencjalnych zagrożeń i niebezpieczeństw

      Bed should be placed in the space that is free from potential dangers and hazards

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      Where to place a bed for a child?

      Place the bed  in a place that is free from potential dangers and hazards. Avoid placing the bed near furniture with sharp edges, heat sources, curtains, blinds, electrical outlets or cables that could pose a risk to the baby. It is a good idea to place the crib near the parents' bedroom or in the same room. This will make it easier to care for the baby at night. Ensure that the room is well ventilated and definitely avoid putting the bed in a place where it is stuffy or too warm. Don't place the crib where the sun rays fall directly on the baby's face, as this will interfere with sleep. Make sure you have easy access to the crib to conveniently change diapers or feed at night.


      We encourage you to use the database of reputable and reliable manufacturers of children's furniture we are building on the Products for Home portal, as well as the articles we publish about children's room.

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